Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year - The year that was and Cruel Seas

Another year has passed, So Happy New Year to all those read this.
How did your year end?

In 2018 I did not as much gaming as I would have liked, but finishing off old projects.  I painted more minis in 2018 then in the last 5 years. So what did I do.

Not only did I manage to get a few armies finished off and rebased, some of which have been sat idling for over two decades, 15mm Zulu Wars, 15mm Napoleonic Saxon, Austrian, British, Russian, French, and Westphalian Armies. In 6mm 1/300 scale I managed to get my Modern British, Danish, Swedish, West German, Soviet, and East German Finished.
It has also come to pass that I have also managed to start some new projects  started and near finish such as 15mm NAM Australian Cavalry Company, 1/300 scale Fate of a Nation forces; Israeli, Syrian and Egyptian Forces. Sword Point (sorepoint) has also featured heavily this year, although has not made it onto the blog as it is defently a love hate... hate... Hate... type of  relationship.
Having also  managed to get the Cruel Seas Bug and completing on New Years Eve my two fleets and even  squeezing in a  last minute visit to Warlord Games which I will do a separate page on shortly.

2019 resolution is to have more gaming sessions, not just with my regular Oppo the destroyer of Souls, who has been kicking my gaming ass since 1990 (... Starting to feel old now).

In my last post I showed some Cruel Seas Coastal Ships that Warlord games were giving away on the cover of Wargames Illustrated, Well for January they have done it again. This time a US PT boat sprue and I believe there is a Torpedo Sprue out there as well.

In the Mean Time My pre-ordered Box set arrived along with my German Fleet Box set. Which I started on straight away. Father Christmas bought me the British Fleet.  There is no point me doing a full review of the game as there is several good reviews already out there.

In the Starter you get two small fleets, a British (6 Vospers) and a German (4 S-Boats), a full rule book, a Plume/miss Sprue, torpedoes and lots of card token and some card terrain, everything you need to get started and can play several games straight from the box. Although an Errata has been released already for the rules as the Proof reading was a little shoddy to say the least, less said the better.  The game has potential as one of those easy to pick up, quick and easy, fast play games which as I get older I seem to love more and more, just look at What a Tanker, X-Wing, Dead Mans hand, and a few more out there.  The scale the game is played in, 1/300 6mm scale is ringing some alarm bells, especially the fact that there are the stats for the larger ships such as monitors and Destroyers.

Both my German and British Fleets.

But the minis are so Shinny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The scale yes could have been smaller say 1/600 or even 1/1250 but that would play right into other established miniature manufacturers hands. The scale of 1/300 was they said chosen so that you could have crew figures, and From what I have seen so far allows for great detail on the models. I would be remiss if I did not point out that some cheaper options for the boats are available from Scotia Micro models ship to shore range and also from Heroic and Ros, at a considerable savings compared to the Warlord game options.
Now on to my Fleets. I have used mainly a Grey bumper primer form Halfords, a Games Workshop Grey (I think Codex Grey) and Vallejo paints and again GW inks.

The Royal Navy

Add caption

My Royal Navy fleet consists of models from both the Starter set and the Royal Navy box set, plus the two models I got with Decembers Wargames illustrated. Those two last models was a god send as it rounded out my Vosper fleet so even numbers.  In the Royal Navy box set you get another Six Vosper's, Two Fairmile D  MGB's and an Armed Trawler (and a plane not shown). I decided to paint the Vosper's in group of three. giving me three Early version, three Early/Mid Versions and Six Late versions.

Early Vospers

Early/Mid War Vosper's armed with a 20mm

Mid/Late War Vosper's

Mid/Late War Vosper's

Armed Trawler
Fairmile D's
Vosper top down shot.

Size comparison between the Trawler, Fairmile, and Vosper.


The Kriegsmarine force again consists of the four S-Boats from the starter, an additional 4 S-boats from the Kriegsmarine set, a Mine Layer, a Flack Ship, and two more S-Boats from Wargames Illustrated.
Top down shots of the S-38 fleet

Top down shot of the armoured S-100

Mine layer
Flak Ship

Size comparison between the German ships.

Well that's all for today, I shall in time get some better shots of the ships in the near future. I hope this gives you a taste for Cruel Seas.

Hope you all  have a Fantastic Gaming year.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Cruel Seas - Wargames Illustrated Free Ships

Hi All,
Whilst I am awaiting my Pre-order of Cruel Seas to arrive I noticed that Wargames Illustrated was giving away a boat sprue as part of the Cruel Seas Release promotion.

So I ended up with two copies of the magazine, why? because they were giving away either a Schnell Boat sprue or a Vosper Boat Sprue.

These models are very well detailed and are surprisingly large. Although I do play 6mm 1/300 scale I have never seen any MTBs in this scale before and I am taken aback by the scale of the ships.
Construction is quick and easy although I was not too sure about one part so I left that off, as there is no instructions within the magazine.

All the reference material I had on MTBs I had given away to a friend ( I acquired the book as part of Stephens Collection and had no use for them at the time), so I will have to borrow them back. I did a quick search on Google and came up with a few colour schemes and quickly primed the models in Grey then set about shading and painting the models. I found that for once I enjoyed painting these models, and quickly came up with a way to paint and shade them quickly, painting all four in a few hours.

I now can not wait for my order to arrive and get some games played. I have also ordered the German Navy set and look forward to painting some of the coastal craft.

You can find out more about the game within the pages of Decembers Wargames Illustrated or on Warlords web site:


Tuesday, 16 October 2018

WHAT A TANKER. First Impressions

Yesterday I got to play at last our first game of What a Tanker. Our fist battle went quite slowly as we both read the rules as we went along. We both had done a pre-read but it seemed to have evaporated from our memories. In any case the Index is quite good and did not steer us wrong.

A Panzer Jager 1 in Ambush mode

The A13 is about to side shot the Panzer Jager 1.....Erm? 2...What is it..lol  Spare turret on psare hull mode, took me a while to twig... :)
We managed to get our head around the rules fairly simple to a point that half way through our second game we hardly needed to refer to the rules. There are a few grey areas not covered by the rules like Hull Down and driving in woods, but this may be just a case of re-reading the rules.

In any case its a quick and easy game to pick up, if not very frustrating at times, but may turn into a great Lots of company with Beer and Pretzels game.

Watch out for more of this later