Finally completed my FIRESTORM Armada marauder fleet.

OMNIDYNE - The Corporate War Machine 

590 point 'Gold Star' Squadron

Foundry Class Dreadnought

Auditor Class Gunships

 I can't wait to play a game with these bad boys and see how the game compares to Dystopian Wars.

First Encounter

My friend came round with his beautifully painted Aquan Prime Fleet. Which consisted off:
3x Piranha Class Frigates,  3x Storm Class Cruisers,  2x Stingray Class Destroyers,  and a Poseiden Class Battleship.
The Aquan Prime Fleet in its entirety. 

Stingray Class Destroyers.

Manta Class Battle carrier. (Not used in Game)

Poseiden Class Battleship

Storm Class Cruisers.

Piranha Class Frigates

The Game

We set up the table with an asteroid field between us and then realised at the first contact that it would cause us a problem with the rules so then took it off.  The Aquan's scored first blood by destroying almost all of the Omnidyne Frigates. 

The Omnidyne Foundry ship moved forward and opened fire but all its shots were ineffective. The Cruisers had better luck damaging their counterparts. The Aquan's went broadside on and unleashed hell.
But try as they might they could not do enough damage and the Foundry Dreadnought came through unscathed.
Slowly but surely the combined fire from the cruisers and the dreadnought began to whittle down the Aquan ships defensive's.
The Aquan's replied and decimated the Cruisers leaving a lonely Frigate and the Foundry Dreadnought.
This moved into the middle of the Aquan fleet and over two turns wiped the fleet out to a ship.

Although the Omnidyne fleet was taking steady damage it for the most part inflicted no damage on the Aquan's, but then a hit here and a hit there managed to take the edge of them just enough for the lightly damaged dreadnought to wade in and wipe them out.
The Aquan Battleship sustained a steady rate of damage and was rendered useless after three turns and its death came swiftly.
Cunning use of the fire arcs meant that the final two Stingrays were turned to stardust in one turn.


Aquan view of the Omnidyne fleet and the sole surviving frigate.

Omnidyne Cruisers about to take broadside fire from the Aquan fleet.

Aquan battleship takes early damage.

Aquan ships taking damage.
 As a first game we found it quite easy to get in to as it was more or less the same as Dystopian wars. The use of Asteroid fields will change the game drastically and I look forward to expanding my fleet.
With more units the game may become a bit more interesting.

Sole survivors

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