2014: Was, My Flames of War gallery: Now just My Gallery

Below are some pics of my various projects. Hopefully I will work out how to use my camera better in the process.

Burning Empires - LRDG Patrol

This is still an army in progress, I need to finish the HQ and 2 of the trucks I bought to finish off the second patrol. I had bought the box set some years ago and needed a reason to finish it and burning empires has given me that reason. I needed to keep the cost down on this army but wanted the V8 cars for the HQ and needed to but two normal checies and a gun truck chevy. For the later I decided to convert one of the CMP 20mm AA trucks, It looks cool and I need to base it along with the two new chevys to match the rest. I also need to paint the dismounted patrols.

Below are just a few models that are about to leave my collection.

As you may notice its mainly all my Late War German stuff with a bit of mid war thrown in.