Warhammer World 2014, The Visit

Having some time to kill at a friends house near Nottingham whilst they were at work I decided to visit the Games Workshop HQ; Warhammer World.

Although I do not agree with how Games Workshop conducts its business with retailer's throughout the world using High priced Lawyers to destroy Free Trade in numerous countries, They are good at what they do. You can not disagree with how well they make and market their products.

I First started playing Rogue Trader back in the Early 1980's when it first game out and Games Workshop was a retailer of various manufacturer of gaming products. Besides Historical gaming Warhammer 40k was my first real games system I collected and to be honest never really played as I was the only one interested in it.

So I have seen the changes in the Games Workshop strategies over the years and prefer the way they used to be where the White Dwarf was not an in house catalogue as it is today.

But lets not knock them too much. I went there for one reason only and that was to enjoy the spectacular models on show in the Gallery.

I spoke to numerous staff who were happy to talk to me and I also spoke to some of the gamers that were enjoying the gaming tables before the weekends Tournament that was going to be held there.
One of the visiting gamers models I really liked.

I am a sucker for well painted miniatures and I do love looking at other peoples work.  The models on display did not let me down and I spent an enjoyable time looking at all the finally detailed miniatures to which I was in awe off. Well less drivel from me and onto some shots of the models I went to see.


 Afterwards I had a late breakfast in Bugmans Bar, Very nice..Yum Yum, I had a very enjoyable few hours.


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