Monday, 30 September 2013

Dead Man's hand and the Old Wild West

Some time back I posted same pictures of some Wild West figures that a friend gave me.  Now he told me that I could do what ever I wanted with them, but me being slightly sentimental decided to keep them...
I have this image of him evilly sniggering at this point. After downloading several free rules and trying them out, I found them irritatingly bad. So a few weeks ago, a little retail therapy was needed after a crud day at work. Whilst browsing E(vil)bay I came across Dead Man's hand, after quickly reading through a few rule reviews, my mind was made up and I purchased a set. And that was turn 1 of the proverbial screw in the coffin.
The game arrived and I had a quick test play and a few days later a friend came round, and a nights gaming took place.
Well the following day I ended back on the internet in the hunt for buildings, and came across pre cut MDf  ones. Whilst looking into it a bit further, I came across a range of pre painted ones and thought hey presto, and now look what my friend ultimately did to me...

Dead man's Hand is very simple set of rules. It uses a D20 and a D10 system to simulate the shooting and each character gets three actions; and it is completely random as to who gets to do what first.
The Rule book is flimsy and a set will set you back around £20, but you get a little set of gaming cards with it, which is allocated to each side. 3 or 4 players will need more cards which you can only get with the rules. The cards come in a nice little clear plastic case which I thought was a nice touch.
Along with the rules I also purchased a set of MDF laser cut/printed markers, which I must say for the cost are very reasonable.
Rule book with cards (top left) and laser cut tokens (Left)
 Having used CD cases as buildings for the test game, I took the decision to look for some buildings. Whilst Battle Flag produce some real nice real-estate at nice prices to match, they do not contain interior walls and are unpainted. I came across a range from  4-Ground which was ready painted and contained additional interior walls. Although a few pounds more than Battle Flag; it would be worth the time saved by not having to paint them.

I have purchased about 60% of the range and have since purchased some more of the range (Fences, wagons and out buildings). 
Below are the contents of one of the packs.

So now I will be having some fun building them, so watch this space...

Thursday, 26 September 2013

In the pipeline.

Coming Soon:

Dead Man's hand.
Falklands 1982

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tonight's game Was....... We got eaten Again!

No guessing what the table is set up for....

Multi-player mayhem tonight for all...Grrrrrr...Arrrr...Brains....
Guess which side I'm rooting for..Yay!!!!!!!!!

AAR: We all died!, Yup we all died...AGAIN!

Shed up-date or New man cave!!!!

A new phrase going around for me....Man cave!!!
As it has taken me two days to tidy my shed ready for a horde off people to arrive, I realised that I had not updated you on how my shed revamp went.

Last time you heard anything it looked like this:
Amazing how much crap you can keep in a shed.
Shed as it was, with the carpet going down.
 this was the weekend I emptied the shed and destroyed the old table that had been constructed in 2005 and rebuilt two times since.

So now we have a pile off wood for our chimera.. lol
Well I emptied the shed, put down some carpet a friend gave me. And I designed and had built a new table. Which was a little slow in coming as to keep the costs down.

Well the table arrived last year and I forgot to take some pictures and it sort of slipped my mind with one thing and another. So seeing as I now have a tidy shed, I thought that I would introduce you to the table.
My New table with under table storage and sliding doors to hide all the crap.

The shed ready for tonight's game.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Been Busy.. AK 47

Having ordered some AK 47 re-enforcements, I returned to the shed and went through my piles off figures once more and found some soviet Modern infantry. Couple of hours later they looked like this:
More Infantry.
So now I have a Syrian AK47 army which can double up as an Arab army. Just need a few more things to make it up to the right points.
Not bad for a weekends of work.
No guesses what my next army will be, that's after I actually make up a African

Saturday, 7 September 2013

AK 47 arrives on the scene...

Peter Pigs AK47, has been creeping up on me for quite a few years, I keep looking at it and going Hmm....

So after a small post by some unmentionable on the WWPD forum I decided with a little spare cash to purchase a set of the rules.

Well they arrived Yesterday and look what happened this afternoon...

Army up to now.
Well at first I had a quick read through it and was like , Okay where's the damn army list's.

I found the Army lists and started to create a new African puppet state army. Which turned out to be named "The Army Of The Peoples Marxist Campaign Party" from the African state of "Noone".

General "Iamin Agroove" went to the shed and pulled out of storage some of Peter Pigs African irregulars and found to his distate that he only had about enough to do 6 bases worth of infantry. Hmm...

Sunday, 1 September 2013

When Zombie games turn bad

Never play a Zombicide game in one player mode with just one Actor, especialy one of the most evil levels around....Grrrr
This did not seem that it was going to get any worse as the Zombies had had just had their move,  Until  that is that one of the Zombie spawn cards gave the Walker Zombies a Free Action!

Zombicide test game 2

My Second game of Zombicide saw me use the same starter level but this time I drew Josh and Doug.
They received a Pistol and a Crowbar respectively.  Josh started by searching the room he was in and found a sawn off Shotgun. Before moving to another room. Doug found a Fire Axe. The Zombies shambled onwards towards our Actors.
Josh looking for revenge as Doug lies dead.
Next turn Josh Found a Pan, whilst Doug found a Machete. The Zombies closed slowly in. Eventually Josh found another shotgun and then traded them with Doug for the Fire Axe. They despatched the lurking Zombie and headed towards the safe house. Unfortunately for Josh and Doug the next fire fight did not go too well and with Zombies appearing from the sewers. Josh took two swipes with his Machete killing one Zombie, so he moved back one square to allow Doug to use his firepower against the Zombies that were left.  Doug must have panicked as he managed to miss two of the Zombies that then decided to munch on him... Grrr, Arrr...BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!