Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hott Moderns Final update

I have now finally finished my Hott Modern Army... I could keep touching it up here and there but I think as a quick fix army it will do.

Hero and Magician



 Picture editor gave out again, last three pics are of the Behemoths and Stronghold.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Hott Moderns update

Infantry now redone and look like this:

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hott army -20mm US update

Been a bit busy in the shed between the  bought's of dizziness.

US Army - Hott Rules
So the Army is at the standard above, Not 100% happy with the infantry I may yet redo them as the camouflage does not do them justice, I may yet redo them in plain green.
The Big thing top left is my M48 Bridge layer acting as the Strong hold, but may yet become another Dragon or Behemoth.

So I my 24 AP will buy me 5 Shooters, 1 Hero, 1 Behemoth and another Behemoth or a Dragon. But at 48 points they all come into play with a few points to spare. I can either add another artillery piece (I have a spare M109 which needs a barrel. Add some snipers as Lurkers or get a couple of Apache helicopters and act as Flyers??

Need to try the army out first. But for now here are some more shots of the M48 Bridge layer.

Oh and I still need to work out what to do with the bases.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hott Army No.2 - Modern US

whilst laying in bed due to an illness I had an epiphany over an Hott army. I had seen on some ones blog that they had fought against an Vietnam army with the blue guy from Watchman as their Hero (?)
Well I decided to do an modern army with some old figures and models I have had for 20 years in storage.

Below is the result awaiting repainting and the bases finished:

The army so far consists of the following:
1 Hero
1 Magician (Tow Launcher)
1 Artillery (M109)
6 Shooters or Warbands (Infantry)
3 Riders or Beasts (M113 APC)
2 Knights or Behemoths (Sheridans)
2 Behemoths or Dragons (M1 Tanks)
so that's 42 AP

Just remembered I had a m60 bridge layer, may be that's my strong hold.

I want to get it up to 48 AP. I was thinking of 2 flyers (Apache's) and 2 Lurkers (Snipers) should finish it off.

You thoughts and comments are welcome.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Death of my forray into WW1

A cursed friend led me astray and I entered the world of 28mm Warhammer historical "The Great War".

My army grew rapidly with a fast approaching games day. It ended much as I said it would at the start of the day.. "Viva Le...ArrrrggghhH!!"

So the time has come for me to part with my army, so on E(Vil)bay it has gone...
or you can buy it from me for £225 plus postage

28mm HOTT Orc and Goblin army - 1st trial run

Now I have got some interest in HOTT, this is my first trial army. All ready for the basing to be textured and under coated.

Orc and Goblin 24 AP

Right to Left:
  • 1 General Rider
  • 3 Riders
  • 1 Hero
  • 1 Behemoth
  • 2 Warbands
  • 4 Hordes

Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Death of Warhammer, New Beginnings

Sat in my shed for years was an army, Not quite the size it used to be, but an army never the less.
Many moons ago a friend and I shared the contents of a Warhammer Starter set, ME getting the Goblins and him the High Elves, thus started an on off relationship with Warhammer.
Since then my army grew into biblical proportions. My Uncle got the Warhammer bug also and started his own High Elf army and an Arms race started. AT the height of the battles on a 8 foot by 6 foot table we fielded units the size you would never do nowadays, Elven regiments were in 32's, my Goblins went to 72 figure strong with 16 Regiments, 8 spears and 6 Bow armed in the army, the Black Orcs were fielded at over 40 figs a unit. It was the height of Battle magic and we maxed out on the magic items and wizards and shamans. A battle would take us nearly a week to play with over 1500 figures on the table, but then came the decline and fall of my obsession with Warhammer.

Warhammer 40k took over briefly and also went out of control, but that, is another story.

Over the years my Orc and Goblin army slowly was thinned out and was sold off to pay the bills. And a smaller army was kept in reserve, this is again going to be curtailed and rebased for use with the HOTT set of rules.

So Warhammer...Fare well, Look to E(Vil)bay for my surplus, I am leaving Warhammer for the probably the last time.

But below are some pics of my small Orc and Goblin Army before it exits the gaming stage forever...

 Night Goblin Bow armed Regiment

Night Goblin Bow armed Regiment
 Stone Trolls

River Trolls 

Orc Regiment 

 Arrow Boyz Orc Regiment

Black Orc champion, Shaman, Goblin Champion 

Night Goblin Champion and Fanatics 

Old school Orc Bolt Thrower 

Night Goblins