My oppo: The Destroyer of gaming souls

For Flames of War (and Dystopian) my main opposition is famed for his legendary dice throwing and tactics, He makes grown men cower in corners crying when he throws his dice.

He has recently started attending a new club and his regular oppo there is almost suicidal (Game wise).

This destroyer of gaming souls came to FOW quite late. At first my rule knowledge and competition experiences gave me the edge over him, winning many a game; but as he came accustomed to these defeats his cunning started to grow stronger. New armies would appear each week and I was unaware as to what I may or may not be facing, although his detailed knowledge of what my collection consisted off seemed to me that he was breaking into my shed and rummaging through the boxes containing my mini's. Perhaps having a blog and posting battle reports may be a contributing reason to his detailed knowledge.

Now, I have known this person for over 23 years and he is the Main reason I gave up 15mm Ancients all those years ago.

Like many players today I also felt inadequate in my gaming powers and cryed after every game against him....

But now I can hold my own and even surprise him.
I do feel that I should apologise to the FOW gaming community in our area for unleashing this monster upon them.

Now it is time to introduce this person:





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