Sunday, 18 November 2012

X-wing Storage

Having now got the Star Wars X-wing bug, I now have purchased 3 boxed sets which gives me 3 x-wings and 6 Tie Fighters. I also have an Advance Tie and 3 A wings.

I have purchased a Plano 5231 carring box of Amazon.Com as teh Uk site does not have these for sale.

The Plano 5231 comes with two layers. The aditional layer with small compartments sits on top the of the lid to the main compartment. this allows the storage of small componants. Each row of both layers can be configured to suit the users needs (See pictures below). This is how I configured mine.

The Plano 5231
Top layer, where I keep all my tokens.

Bottom layer where the ships and the cards are located.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Star wars - Cue Music ......

X-wing has commeth in to my collection. Having seen this knocking around for the last few months, I finally sucummed to temptation and purchased a couple of starter sets and the advanced Tie Fighter and Y wing.

Having ordered it of E(vil)Bay, it arrived a few days later and I was deeply impressed by the quality of Everything.  I was already familiar with the rules, having watched a few vids on you tube and Fantasy Flights web site.

Then the inevitable happened I turned over the TV and Hey presto STAR WARS was on and that is it I am now hooked. Every time I contemplate on playing this game or read the rule booklet the Star wars theme tune plays in my head and every time I pick up a Tie fighter the Scream, screams at me.

So my friend Scott comes round and I drag him into the shed to play a game and now he is hooked. The rules are simple so no arguing and the chances to make mistakes in the manoeuvre phase is unlimited.. We have had several ships turning the wrong way because we were not careful enough to double check the orientation.

So Now I await the release of A wings and the Millennium Falcon.....And now to purchase a sound track CD for back ground music.


Our first proper game was the Shuttle mission with myself playing the Rebels and Scott the Imperium.  Scott went straight for the Shuttle ignoring the X-wing where possible.

He only targeted the X-wing if he did not have a shot at the Shuttle. The Shuttle was almost destroyed. But the X-wing killed a Tie fighter Right at the crucial moment.

But with One turn to go before the shuttle left the table a reserve Tie came on right in its path, blocking a straight run for the table edge.

It all came down to us both making crucial manoeuvres to either protect the Shuttle or destroy it.
First to move was the shuttle and it banked left, the reserve tie moved straight past the shuttle giving it no chance of shooting it, it was down to the second Tie to bank hard right.....

But  Scott misread his dial and the Tie banked hard LEFT! meaning it did not have a shot at the shuttle.

Worst to come was that my X-wing should have banked Hard Right... but I too had misread the dial and my X-wing turned away from the combat banking hard LEFT!!!!!

Next turn the shuttle left the game...Rebel win.

We replayed the turn with the correct manoeuvre's and in that alternate universe, the X-wing missed the tie and the Tie blew up the shuttle.

So it just goes to show that you need to double check your dial before placing.

Tie fighter about to be blasted by the X-wing.

Even with target lock that tie survived.

Scott looks on as his Tie fighter faces death.

Erm...Ramming Speed.

Scott contemplates his next move.
Me caught reading the rules whilst Scott sneaks to the toilet.

Star Wars brings the kid outta you...Big Style....
DIE REBEL SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!