Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day Game - Black Powder

Todays game was a trial run of the Black Powder rules.

6 Battalions of Saxon infantry, 1 cannon and 2 light cavalry squadrons versus 9 Battalions of Russian Infantry, 2 cannons, 2 Light cavalry squadrons and 2 Cuirassier squadrons.

The Saxons had to hold the line and prevent the Russians from breaking through. We decided that he Saxons would move into position  whilst the Russians Marched up the table.
Saxons fail their Command rolls with only the gun getting into position.
Russians advance

Saxon Cavalry attempt to buy time.
Russian Infantry close for the kill.

View from Russian lines.

 Saxon Cavalry are bounced. The Russian Cuirassier's then fail there command rolls for 6 turns!!?

 The first Russians assault and are only just held off.
 In the middle things were about to take a turn for the worse for the Saxons.
 General view of the Battlefield.
 The Saxons looking a bit thin.
The End is near.

Just a Shaken Squadron left of the Saxons, Game Over.

General views of the rules are that they are very vague and poorly written. It is a bugger to find the rules you need and it is very hard to read through them. They need a little bit of rationalisation and a lot more reading. Especially multiple combats and the Morale rules.

Next Year Game Plans

Happy Christmas to those that read this.

Gaming plans for the new-year with each Game system given a Two month Gaming slot which should equate to around 8 games of each minimum:
  • Cold War Commander 1/300th scale
  • AK-47 15mm Scale
  • Black Powder 15mm Scale
  • Dystopian Wars
  • Warhammer 40k.
  • Zulu
  • HOTT

Quick Games to be played are as follows:
  • Zombicide - just got the new version for Xmas.
  • Dead Mans Hand - New Building to be purchased along with 2 new gangs
  • Paragons Gladiator Combat - First printed in 1977!!!
  • Star Wars - Need some new ships for the Dark side.

Armies to be updated/Painted:
  • AK-47 African armies to be completed.
  • Falklands Armies to be based to AK-47 or Cold War Commander, the later needing Pendraken figs. - URGENT Job
  • Napoleonic's to be rebased and re-flocked.
  • Cold War Armies to be rebased, repainted and reorganised with excess units disposed off.
  • Warhammer 40k.
  • Zulu Armies to be finished and rebased.

Armies to be sorted and disposed off:
  • Excess 1/300th moderns
  • A reduction of 15mm WW2 Flames OF War Armies, to core army units only.
  • Thinning of Warhammer 40k Armies.
  • WW1 Early War French Army in 28mm.

Many will notice that FOW has dropped off my list of games along with Battlegroup Kursk. These are under review this year and as noted above under reorganisation. This disillusionment has been festering for the last year. Partly down to the way  Battlefronts business plans have gone , Certain opponents at competitions that sapped the fun out of gaming and v3 late war madness.

These games may resurrect them selves but for this year I doubt I will Play WW2 15mm. No fault of Battlegroup that I won't be playing these rule.s just I am all FOW tuckered out.

Any one interested in anything, please ask.

Christmas gifts

This is what I got for Christmas...Yay!!!!!!!!

From my Daddy..
Zombicide Prison Outbreak

Zombicide Dogs..Grr, Woof, Bite...

Thanks Daddy.

My Friend Richard sent me some Apache's in 28mm for my Dead Mans Hand game, just need the stats for them.
Thanks Richard

My Xmas present to my self was part of an AK47 Army of  E(Vil)bay.

Yay thanks me.