Monday, 26 September 2011

Work in Progress

I have added a work in progress page, showing some of the little men that I have recently finished.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Beut Panzer Vs Tankov

Wednesday night game vs my friend Dennis, started with a phone call that ended up with Dennis saying "Ok then, Late war 1750 pts, you be Germans with your Panthers and I'll be Allies"...Click.

So, I recently got my copy of Earth and Steel and was very happy to see that the Beut Panzer company was included and I decided to Proxy it with my EW French (try before you buy) and sorted through the list. I knew at 1500 points the army did not have much left over, but at 1750 points I just squeezed in (Max points for this army may just about touch 2000 if you are lucky).

This gave me 12 Platoons, a very powerful Attack forces with a defence force to boot.

HQ: 2x R-38
1st,2nd,3rd platoons 1x S-35, 4x R-38
4th platoon 1x S-35, 3x R-38
5th Platoon 3x Char B-2, 2x Char B-2 Flamme
6th Platoon 3x Marder 1's
That's 26 tanks and 3 tank hunters
7th platoon Full Grenadier Platoon
8th platoon Full Pioneer Platoon
9th Platoon 3x Pak 40 A/T Guns
10 Platoon 3x Flak 37mm Guns
11th Platoon 4x 155mm Artillery
12th Platoon 2x 88mm Luftwaffe assault battery
All CT except the 88's which were RT

I arrived at Dennis' expecting Para's. It turned out that Dennis had put together a Russian FT tank force (GULP!)
HQ: 1x M4 Sherman
1st Company: 10 M4 Sherman's which included Dedov
2nd Company tank Rider Company attached to 1st Company
3rd Company: 10 M4 Sherman's
4th Company: 3 Panthers
5th Company: Carrier born SMG Company.

The 3 T34/85's in the top left of the tray turned out to be Panthers.

Well I was like, OMG I'm dead. We set up the terrain and then rolled for the mission which resulted in Hold the Line and I was then please,please don't let me be the attacker and luck had it, I got to be the defender.

So it was all tanks off table along with the 37's and every thing else on table with the Pak 40's in ambush. Dennis then pulled a sneaky move with his Panthers and infiltrated them along with the Dedovs' tank company just out side of 16 inches from my troops. A quick check of the special rules and a dice throw latter meant that I had not detected them.. Uh Oh!

This meant that Dennis could not in theory assault turn one so I was safe for a moment.

Russian Turn 1:
Both tank companies moved forward one on my right flank and one up the middle. The carrier born Infantry followed the right flank tanks and the Panthers waited engines idling in the centre, and come the shooting phase opened fire upon my Flak 88's killing 1 (Mistake No.1). Massed MG fire vs my dug in pioneer platoon on my Right Flank was ineffective.

German Turn 1:
I sprung my ambush as I needed to hit the infiltrated platoon hard. My artillery ranged in and decimated the bunched up tank company, bailing 2 and blowing up 3 more. The pak's and marder's now opened fire and killed another 4 and bailed the rest. This massed fire also effected the Tank rider company causing a few casualties and pinning them. The lone 88 missed with all 3 shots at the panthers, but then you can not have it all your way. the Russian tank company promptly passed its motivation test without Dedov who had been bailed.

German center where the Pak's ambushed from the wood.

Quick shot of the rest of the Russians.

Russian Turn 2:
Only one of the decimated company bailed tanks remounted and the tank rider company unpinned and dismounted and moved forward ready to assault my Pioneers supported by the tank.
The second Tank company moved forward using a church in the middle of the table as cover.
The Panthers fired at the 88's again causing a hit but it was shrugged off (continuation of mistake No.1). A Pak 40 was killed by tank fire from the 1st Company. The tank riders then poured fire into my pioneers pinning them then close assaulted them killing two teams. I decided that I would pull back the only team within 4" of the Russian infantry so that I would still contest the objective with a almost intact platoon. The Russian infantry then consolidated behind the hedge.

Russian Turn 2 just before the Assault phase.

German Turn 2:
The Pioneer company unpinned and went to ground. My artillery ranged in on the second tank company and the pak's turned to face adding their weight. The combined fire resulted in 6 burning tanks and 1 bailed. The 88 missed and the marders only accounted for one more Sherman, bailing two more tanks of the first Russian tank Company.

Russian centre tank company after German turn 2.
Russian turn 3:
The second tank company then moved into a firing position, whilst the first decimated tank company remounted and then with the tank riders moved to assault my pioneers. The Panthers moved forward to start to try and engage my other units. Combined fire from the remnants of the two tank companies accounted for 2 Pak 40's. Russian SMG fire killed one pioneer stand, who then promptly assaulted my pinned pioneers. My pioneers fired their DF and then pinned the platoon (Mistake No.2) causing casualties which meant that the Russian platoon failed its motivation test and fled the field.

German Turn 3:
The pioneers unpinned and Went to ground. Reserves resulted in my Char B platoon coming on table. Due to its front armour I thought it had a better chance then the smaller H-38's. the Company command moved forward still in the cover of the hill they had hid behind to fire at the Bren carriers but I forgot they can't move and fire but decided to leave them where they were. My Artillery fail to range in and my Paks managed to fail all there FP rolls. The 88 only manages to bail its one victim.

German reserves arrive.

Russian Turn 4:
The carrier born troops now dismount and move towards my pioneers supported by the 2 remaining tanks from the first company. 3 tanks from the second tank company move to assault the part of the pioneer platoon in the wood.

Russian carrier infantry dismount ready to assault the pioneers.

The sole surviving pak 40 weathers a storm of fire which was directed at it and the pioneers. The First wave of assaults went in. Firstly the infantry who lost 2 stands to DF assaulted, killing 2 of the pioneers. which failed its motivation and move back towards the wood. The second tank company assaulted the pioneers in the wood with 3 tanks of which one bogged. The pak 40 DF blew up another tank. The sole surviving tank failed to hit anything. But the pioneers failed another motivation test and pulled back along with the Pak 40. The tank platoon then consolidated away from the wood just in case I decide to come after it in my turn.
The tank from the first company supporting the infantry made a shooting too successful move followed by a break through into the pioneer's. Again the Pak 40 opened fire and killed the tank. With all assaults over my Pioneer platoon had to make a motivation test and promptly left the field. The Russian second tank company also failed its motivation test fleeing the field taking with it, its battalion commander. (Double 1's will do that every time).

End of Russian assault phase. Dedov and 1 tank is all that is left of the first tank company.

German Turn 4:
Oops..Now I am in a right pickle.I have no troops able to contest the objective. The Chars can only move 8" and the objective was over 16" away...Uh Oh. My reserve roll gave me two more tank platoons but with a maximum move of 24" I still would fall short of contesting the objective.
Lucky for me I left the HQ where it was. Alone this could not contest the objective but sneakiness abounds.
Forward moves everything except the marders which provides support. My HQ move to within 4" of the infantry behind the hedge. This is it can I do it?

My artillery hit Dedov and blew up 2 of the carriers and bailed one also killing 2 infantry stands that fail their passenger saves. The Pak and marder's also open fire and kill one tank and double bail Dedov who passes all Motivation tests including his company morale test..DOH!. 
The French (LoL I meant German) tanks open fire with a a hail of bullets and kill 2 infantry stands. Now the 88 plays its part, it nails one of the Panthers which turns out to be the Platoon commander which means that the Panthers can now not move to help contest the Objective and with no CIC or 2IC no one was left to appoint/lead them.
Now the real sneaky bit. My Company CIC now joins the 2IC who then joins the Char B's and together they carry out a shooting too sucessful move, my consolidation move now puts the Char B's within 4" of the objective..Phew!

End of French err... I mean, German turn.

Russian Turn 5:
The depleted carrier platoon now dismounts and Dedov mounts up. Dedov and the Panthers Blow up one of the mighty Char's. The carrier platoon hunker down not being able to tackle the Char's.

German Turn 5:
The Char's move to get ready to assault the remains of the infantry whilst the other two tank platoons race forwards just in case. Another reserve tank platoon arrives. The artillery range in on the Panthers but fail to hit them. the Marder's and the Pak at last kill Dedov. The MG fire from the tanks finally break the infantry and that was that.

German tanks race forward.

Russian turn 6:
The game ends as the Russians now had nothing in the German half of the table plus they auto fail their Battalion morale.

German Victory: 5-2

German final positions.

After game report:
This was going to be tough for both of us. I thought it would be over by turn 2. Its amazing what a 155mm battery and 6 paks can do. My deployment was a bit bodged with the 88's hunkered down unsupported on a hill on my left flank. I realised as my turn 1 came round that they should have been deployed in the wood in the middle. The pioneers were really lucky not to get squished and the lone Pak how it survived I don't know...An iron cross there I think.

Really this game was Null and Void due to mistake No.2 which really turned the game on its head.

Now for the mistakes:

Mistake No.1 was that Dennis was shooting at my 88's with his 3 Panthers for several turns, getting 2 hits the first turn killing one of the 88's. In reality only one panther was in range, I only realised this around turn 3.

Mistake No.2 was that my pioneer command SMG team fire full ROF whilst pinned. Neither of us could remember if they could do that and the extra hits it caused, pinned the assaulting Russian platoon who promptly ran away.  Thinking about it it meant that the Pioneer platoon would have lost 2 stands during that assault and I still would have pulled them back towards the woods. The Russian platoon would have had to take a morale test due to casualties so would have possibly ran away in any case but it would have meant the pioneers would have taken a morale test..maybe they would have passed but maybe they would have failed.

Also pointed out on the FOW forum, the Russian list may not have been legal.

We both agreed to carry on and that's what friendly games are all about... give and take.

Flames of War, Early War Bash (Test 1)

France Vs Germany
Hold the line

An Early War game fought some time ago using the play test Army lists for Flames of War.
French Forces: CT 1500 pts
  1. HQ
  2. Infantry Platoon (Full strength)
  3. Infantry Platoon (Full strength)
  4. HMG Platoon (1 Section)
  5. Char B1 Platoon (3 Tanks)
  6. 25mm Hotchkiss AT Platoon (2 Guns)
  7. 47mm AT Platoon (3 Guns)
  8. 75mm Artillery Platoon (4 Guns)
  9. 105mm Artillery Platoon (4 Guns)
  • Sporadic Air support.
German Forces: CT 1950 Pts
  1. HQ (Pz IIID)
  2. 2ic (Pz I cmd) + Defence Platoon (2x Pz IIC)
  3. Light Platoon (2x Pz IIC + 2x Pz I)
  4. Light Platoon (2x Pz IIC + 2x Pz I)
  5. Light Platoon (3x Pz IIID)
  6. Heavy Platoon (3x Pz IVB)
  7. Armoured Infantry Platoon (Full Strength)
  8. 105mm Artillery Battery (4 Guns)
  • Limited Air Support (JU87)

Little red dots by French are the Objectives.

With The Chars deployed covering the German objective being supported by the 105s I knew that this would be hard work for the panzer's. The infantry platoon was deployed along with the HQ to cover the French Objective just inside the woods edge (6" Visibility). This was to come back and haunt the German forces latter. The 25mm Hotchkiss guns being held in ambush and in reserve another Infantry platoon, 47mm AT guns, HMGs and the 75mm Artillery.
The Germans surveyed the French and thought this is going to be tough. Pz IVs deployed against the Chars along with a PzII platoon and the 2IC to take that left objective, whilst the PzIIIs, a PzII platoon and the infantry to take the right objective, using the wood and farm as cover.
Those damn hedges are going to prove to be the bane of the German army.
Chars with Artillery support defending the Objective.

Infantry in the wood along with part of the 105 battery providing some support.

Turn 1
German Turn:
The Luftwaffe arrived with 2 Stuka's targeting the French artillery. The PzIIIs, IIs and infantry flanked right using as predicted the wood as cover from the French observers. The rest of the army moved up to the hedges on the left flank. 
The Stuka's hit the Artillery destroying a 105 and pinning it, whilst the artillery ranged in on the Char B's but failed to hit one.
French Turn:
The Artillery unpin and the Chars move to bring there guns to bear on the advancing Panzer's. The Artillery ranges in onto the German 105s but fail to hit the gun.
The Panzer's advance.

Stuka's find the French 105s.

Turn 2
German Turn:
Another 2 Stuka's arrive and target the Char Bs. The Panzers cross the first hedge But Bog 2 PzIVs and a PzIIC. The unbogged PzIV moves within 16 of a Char B. The rigt flank attack reaches the farm. The Combined Air, Artillery and tank shooting at the Char Bs proves one thing; that those tanks are tough, all but one shot bouncing harmlessly of the thick armour with the Stuka's bombs only bailing one Char B. The PzIV passes its Skill test and retreats out of 16" range of the Char Bs.
French Turn:
The Char B commander jumps straight back into his mobile bunker, the Artillery that was ranged in on the German artillery missed again.
Turn 3
German Turn:
No Luftwaffe this turn; they must be busy else where. One of the two PzIV unbogs and the Panzer's continue there advance towards the Char B's.  Whilst the Right flank Panzer's use the hedges as cover cross without incident. The Artillery smoke the now bunched up Char B's to prevent them shooting at the Panzer's.
French Turn:
SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!  The 25mm's ambush the Panzer's from a small wood right in front of them. The Char B's attempt to move into a better position outside of the smoke. No re-enforcements this turn either. The ambushing 25's bail a PzIV and double bail a PzII (Bad FP rolls) but the PzII fails its motivation and quickly reverses of the battle field. The Artillery catch the 2 tank platoons near the farm in the field and bail a PzIII, PzII and destroys a Pz1. 3 hits out of 5 ain't too bad but my FP rolls let me down again. Should have gone for the Infantry transport though.

Hotchkiss 25mm's ambush the Panzers.

Panzer's at the farm after being hit by the French Artillery.
Turn 4
German Turn:
2 Stuka's this turn target the French artillery. With the Chars smoked the Panzer's concentrated their fire in the Hotchkiss 25mm's to no effect. The Pz IIIs  hop the hedge. The infantry dismount and move towards the farm buildings.
Now back to those Stuka's...... Notice anything in the picture below?

That's right the French Air force turned up.

French Turn:
I laughed when the French air force arrived to chase those Stuka's off (no mean feat when playing against your self). The Artillery spotters see the German infantry from their position on the hill and call down fire on them pinning the infantry. A Char fires at a PzIV but bounces. The 25mms bail another PzI and double bails another PzII which runs away again.
Turn 5
German Turn:
The HQ PzIII bogs down and stays that way for the rest of the game. The Infantry fail their motivation and stay pinned. Numerous PzIIs and Pz1s bog and un-bog to a annoying degree. A solitary Stuka arrives to annoy the French Artillery but goes home after missing. The Artillery Smokes the Char Bs again, The PzIIIs close in on the Infantry firing as they go, 15 MG shots, 10 hits results in 2 dead. One of the  25mm AT guns are destroyed pinning the platoon.
French Turn:
No reserves again. The 25mm's unpin along with the Infantry, A PzII is destroyed by the Char's which also bail a PzIV. All the Hotchkiss 25mm shots hit but bounce of the PzI and PzII (Nice throw of three sixes for armour save). The Artillery Pins the infantry again.
Turn 6 
German Turn:
Not much movement this turn except that the PzIIIS move around the French Infantry to within 4" of the Objective behind the Infantry. German Infantry are still pinned. Again a solitary Stuka arrives and misses Again (must be the thought of the French Air Force turning up again). Finally the ambushing 25's are destroyed by a PzIVs machine guns. The Char's are Smoked again (Best tactic against these as they can not move and fire).
French Turn:
I must be getting complacent with the Germans as NOW two French reserves turn up; A Battery of 47mm AT and an Infantry platoon right behind the Flanking PzIII's. The 47s bail two of the PzIII's then the infantry assault loosing 2 stands to MG fire from the untouched tank, but getting 6 Hits, but the Tanks pass there armour save but when counter attacking fail their motivation and run away leaving the two bailed PzIII's for the French to evaluate. The Surviving PzIII passing its Motivation test with a Six...!!

The Reserves arrive much to my Panzer's disgust.

Turn 7
German Turn:
No Air support this turn or any other for that (That French plane must have scared them all off). The Infantry unpin and move closer to the French Infantry in the wood. A PzIV makes a brave move through the wood to shoot a Char in the side, but only bails it (FP rolls are not up to scratch). The other Chars get smoked as usual. A PzI and surviving PzIII machine gun the Infantry that assaulted and killed 2 stands.
French Turn:
How the Worm has turned. The HMG and 75mm Artillery platoon arrive to add insult to injury. The bailed Char gets back in and moves back away from the PzIV, whilst the others change possition to prevent the PzIV doing the same to them. The Artillery fires direct fire at the cheeky PzIV leaving a turret ring to land else where. The PzIVs pass their motivation on a Six! (One is already Bailed). The 47mm's claim the last PzIII with 2 long range hits, passing their FP for once.

Cheeky PzIV shot.

Turn 8
German Turn:
Remember that Infantry deployed in the wood just inside the edge so that it could only be seen at 6", well I forgot!!?! The German Infantry moved to within assault range supported by the Armoured transport and all surviving Panzer's that could move to within 16" to machine gun the Infantry. Shooting phase arrive and hey presto that 20 MG shots I was counting on did not happen because they could not see the Infantry..DOH!  So I thought hey ho and continued the attack. The Transport fired their MGs at the French Artillery pinning it. Another PzIV gets a side shot on a Char and Bounces. The Infantry fail to pin the French Infantry and are cut down in the defensive fire phase (3 stands) and due to one stand lost to artillery fail their motivation test and RUN away!
French Turn:
MWAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Victory is in sight. The Reserve Infantry dig in. The Chars Hit and Bail the last two PzIV's to which one fails a double bail and runs but the last PzIV passes its motivation on another SIX!!!
Turn 9
German turn:
PzIV stays bailed, Artillery Misses and the only thing to happen is 2 PzI's Pin and kill a 105 before scuttling back behind a wood.
French Turn:
105's stay pinned, The Char's kill the last threatening BAILED PzIV and the 47s claim a PzI with 5 hits out of 6 needing 5's to hit passing 4 FP Tests throwing 4 fives.
German: 2 tank platoons (PzIII and PzIV) and 1 Mechanized Infantry Platoon.
French: 1 AT Platoon.

The Char's still holding the Objective no more than 8" from where they deployed... :o)

German movement with black dots showing deaths.

French movements with red splodges as deaths.

Little Men

What are the little men.

The following are the scales and armies of the little men and their fighting status.

1/3000 Ships, WW2 navies from Russia, France, Germany, America and Great Britain. (General Quarters)
Current Status: Ready, but Inactive

1/300 Tanks: WW2 land armies from Russia, Great Britain, America and Germany. (Command Decision)
Current Status: Ongoing, Ready, but Inactive, surplus may be up for disposal.

1/300 Tanks: Modern Land armies from America, Great Britain, NATO and the Soviet Union. (Challenger 2)
Current Status: Ongoing, Ready, but Inactive, may be up for disposal.

15mm Ancients: Land armies of the Marian Roman Empire. (6th edition WRG)
Current Status: ready, inactive, awaiting disposal.

15mm Zulu War: British and Zulu armies. ( Principles of War)
Current Status: Ongoing, Ready, but Inactive.

15mm WW2: Land Armies from America, Great Britain and the Empire, Russia, Poland, France and Germany. (FOW)
Current Status: Constant ongoing, Ready, Active.

28mm Ancients: Imperial Roman Army (WAB)
Current Status: Ready, Inactive, Awaiting disposal.

28mm WW1: Early War French (Warhammer Historical)
Current Status: Ready, Inactive

Warhammer: Orks
Current Status: Ongoing, Inactive.

40k Warhammer: Grey Knights.
Current Status: Ongoing, Re-organizing, Inactive

Space Ships: (Silent Sky's)
Current Status: Inactive


I have a shed.  It sits at the bottom of my small garden. It is only a 10 foot by 10 foot in size. 100 square feet of floor. That's not a lot really. Inside it is shelving containing boxes and boxes of what other people decide as Junk.

In the centre of this shed is a table, 6 foot long by 4 foot wide expandable up to 6 foot wide. On this table the survival of the world is played out... Not the actual real world but the world of the little men that live in this shed.

Oh.. I forgot to say... This shed contains numerous worlds from the lands of Fantasy, Historical and Science fiction in all manor of sizes from 1/3000 to 28mm.

Epic struggles are fought across various battle grounds, won or lost on a roll of a dice.

Now its time for you to enter the Shed. To see its secrets and take part in this epic struggle of the Little Men.