Sunday, 25 September 2011

Little Men

What are the little men.

The following are the scales and armies of the little men and their fighting status.

1/3000 Ships, WW2 navies from Russia, France, Germany, America and Great Britain. (General Quarters)
Current Status: Ready, but Inactive

1/300 Tanks: WW2 land armies from Russia, Great Britain, America and Germany. (Command Decision)
Current Status: Ongoing, Ready, but Inactive, surplus may be up for disposal.

1/300 Tanks: Modern Land armies from America, Great Britain, NATO and the Soviet Union. (Challenger 2)
Current Status: Ongoing, Ready, but Inactive, may be up for disposal.

15mm Ancients: Land armies of the Marian Roman Empire. (6th edition WRG)
Current Status: ready, inactive, awaiting disposal.

15mm Zulu War: British and Zulu armies. ( Principles of War)
Current Status: Ongoing, Ready, but Inactive.

15mm WW2: Land Armies from America, Great Britain and the Empire, Russia, Poland, France and Germany. (FOW)
Current Status: Constant ongoing, Ready, Active.

28mm Ancients: Imperial Roman Army (WAB)
Current Status: Ready, Inactive, Awaiting disposal.

28mm WW1: Early War French (Warhammer Historical)
Current Status: Ready, Inactive

Warhammer: Orks
Current Status: Ongoing, Inactive.

40k Warhammer: Grey Knights.
Current Status: Ongoing, Re-organizing, Inactive

Space Ships: (Silent Sky's)
Current Status: Inactive

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