Tuesday, 15 November 2011

FOW Hell Fire & Back.

Played a 1500 point EW from FOW Hell Fire & Back.
Italian Fortress company vs Commonwealth Infantry Company.

Not a pretty game. Mission was Witch's cauldron and for a Fortress company to set up was very difficult indeed. Half the game time was taken in trying to work out how to set the Italians up. With Half of the Brits in reserve there was not enough troops to deal with the defenses. No HE meant the bunkers could not be neutralized and the only rifle company on table made it to the trenches with one stand remaining and assaulted and was eventually wiped out.

Matilda's dodged being penned in and just could not kill any thing, but in return were invincible.

My own fortifications are still under construction.
Oh well better luck next time.

6-1 loss

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