Sunday, 18 November 2012

X-wing Storage

Having now got the Star Wars X-wing bug, I now have purchased 3 boxed sets which gives me 3 x-wings and 6 Tie Fighters. I also have an Advance Tie and 3 A wings.

I have purchased a Plano 5231 carring box of Amazon.Com as teh Uk site does not have these for sale.

The Plano 5231 comes with two layers. The aditional layer with small compartments sits on top the of the lid to the main compartment. this allows the storage of small componants. Each row of both layers can be configured to suit the users needs (See pictures below). This is how I configured mine.

The Plano 5231
Top layer, where I keep all my tokens.

Bottom layer where the ships and the cards are located.

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