Sunday, 24 November 2013

Cold War Commander

Having now got my Hard Copy of the rules, A quick read through finds all the rules I struggled to find during our first game.

I have now undertaken a rebasing program and paint update on the units needed for the scenario we were playing.
And Friday Night saw us start the game, although we called a stop to it a few hours later, to be continued later this week.

The British are as follow:
2x HQ
2 Tank Squadrons each: 4 Chieftain Mk.5, 1 FV438, 1 Recon Scorpion
9 Infantry units with CG upgrades
1 Recon Scout unit.
1 Milan unit (Scott)
1 Blowpipe unit
10 FV432
1 FAO in Gazelle
1 Attack Helicopter, Lynx ATGW
3 Abbots
Around 4000 points

Soviets are:
3x HQ
9x T-64 I
18x T-72
18x Infantry units with RPG
3x ZSU23-4
3x BRDM Spandrel 5
3 x Recon BRDM
2x FAO
9x S21 122 Artillery
2x Hind A Attack Helicopters.
8000 points

Below are some in-game pics but the blog's photo editor is not working for them for some reason.

The Soviets are getting a slight mauling as the middle tank company absorbs the British Fire. The Two flanking Companies suffer a command blunder one after another and fell back..Grrr..
The Bottom pic shows the Left hand British Platoon supporting a Milan team about to be terminated by the T-72 Company, Scott claims he is the Milan Unit in the middle of the wood.... Well it looks grim for him me thinks.
More to come...

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