Sunday, 9 April 2017

Work in Progress - 15mm Napoleonic Armies

I have been secretly busy the last year acquiring painted 15mm Minifigs to enlarge my Napoleonic armies.

In the works I have French, British, Austrian, Prussian, and my first army of old; Saxons. I also have access to a very large Russian army belonging to my father. The French are also reinforced by Westphalians.


In the main the Austrians are all Old school (Series 2) Minifigs with some New style Minifigs thrown in. The Army is in the middle of being re-based. Missing are a couple of Jager battalions and a Grenz battalion.


Again the Prussians are mainly Old School Minifigs with some of the battalions being of the New minifigs and a few random makes for the militia battalions. I am also still basing some of the battalions and not all are shown, there are at least another 4 or 5 battalions still awaiting to be based.


My Saxon army is my First Napoleonic Army and is probably around 30 years old. It started with mu uncle giving me a starter set from the Guardroom which was at the time was a wargames shop in Dunstable near Luton.

Over the years it has grown into the VII Corps of the 1812 Grande Armee. Mainly Minifigs, Old School and even some 1st series figures which my Uncle gave me . It also has some Essex Hussars which I am not completely taken with and show one of my painting phases I went through.

I shall do more updates over the next few months. Thanks for looking

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