Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Soviet infantry Vs German Luftwaffe Company

Russian infantry Spring their Ambush.
Just a quick battle report from when I visited my Friend Richard.
I had taken along my Mid War Russian Infantry knowing that he had a Luftwaffe Kompany. Both lists were to 1500 points. My choices in the Russians were limited as I had dispose of my KV company and Assault Guns earlier in the year.

2 Full Company's each + Commissar +1x HMG
5 T34/76
GOW Battery consisting 4 122mm & 4 76mm
4 Katushkas

Mission was Hold the line and I got defend. I deployed the GOW battery on a hill at the back and held a Infantry Company in ambush.

German Luftwaffe was
2 Platoons Infantry
1 Platoon pioneers
2 Marders
3 Stug`s
1 HMG Platoon
2 88's
and a Battery of French 76mm's

As the Germans Advanced I sprung my Ambush and decided to cover both objectives in a way to stop the Germans Outflanking me. The German fire was mostly inaccurate but the Russian casualties slowly built up.

The Stug's were the danger and along with infantry that were threatening my right flank. On my left flank the Germans now used a corn field to good effect and advanced unseen.  The Marders, 88`s and Stug's were slowly killing Russian teams. Turn 3 my T34's came on and started trading shots with the Stug's in an effort to prevent them advancing.  The German Infantry weathered the Russian fire better then the Russians were doing and eventually assault a less than half strength Company. The Russian artillery was trying its hardest to knock out the Marders and eventually killed one. The Russian infantry fought off 3 assault seeing 1 platoon off and reducing the over to under half strength but by this time both the company HQ and the Commissars were dead and there was nothing to stop the Russian Company Fleeing the field. The German understrength infantry platoon that was left holding the objective after the assault was then un merciless pounded over open sights by the GOW and Fell under the rain of fire. The Russian tanks held the Stug's up for two turns allowing the 2nd Infantry Company time to deploy on table.
Germans Advancing
The Stug's moved to seize the most forward objective whilst there escorting Infantry were gunned down by the newly arrived Infantry Company. The Luftwaffe artillery had managed to range in on the GOW in turn one and in the whole game only managed to kill a 122mm and a 76mm. the 3 remaining 76's were all that were left to take on the Stug's.  In the critical turn they only managed to Bail a Stug and with the end of the Russian Turn came a German 4-3 Victory.

As predicted the Stug's were the main threat. I should not have spread my infantry company out thinly as I did and should have kept it nearer the first objective relying on the GOW to protect the rear objective. I also should have bought on the second infantry first instead of the T34's. I really wasted this unit in a fruitless delaying action.
Richard is a good tactical player and although he had not played in a while used some good tactics. Next time I may not be so merciful..LOL

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