Friday, 14 June 2013

Great Product Lists Guys...But what do they look like?

One thing that bemuses me nowadays is that Miniature companies that rely mainly upon Shows and to a greater extent the Internet, and who have web sites with lists of their figures and vehicles, including prices etc. but have NO images or half of the range shown and not the rest.

I mean they take all that time to produce a separate box for each Item but No image. Some companies just do lists as per their price lists you can pick up at shows but that's great if you are at a show and can see the product.

But what if they do not go to the shows you do? or you can not get to a show?
How can you tell the quality of the model or what it even looks like?
I recently contacted one company to ask if they had a photo of their version of a tank and they told be to look up the actual tank on the internet and that there model would look just like it... WTF??????
I tried that and got 3 different versions.

So these companies are doing so well that they obviously don't need my custom or yours and they assume greatly to a large degree that we the customer are mind readers that know exactly what the product looks like.

Well all I can say is, No picture, No purchase.

Come on guys get your act together, you are letting your selves and your products down, if you take the time to do a web site why not put a picture of your product up as well or are the sculpts actually That BAD!? you don't want any one to see them before purchasing.

At the end of the day it is not hard to take a photograph and put it up on the web site.
Rant over, well... 'ish

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