Thursday, 15 January 2015

Star Trek Attack Wing

Starter set components.

For Christmas I treated my self to a starter set of the  Star Trek Attack Wing along with a bunch of the ships.  The first surprise I got was that even though the rules are very similar to the Star Wars X-Wing rules,  the game is not by Fantasy Flight but Wizkids... Hmmm

First impressions
I love the planet you get and I noticed straight of the bat that there was a Move 6 and turn 4 speeds.  The Ships are painted or cast in basic colours without any shading. The cards are of a poor quality and the printing leaves a lot to be desired.
Ships from the starter set lack detail and markings.

Playing the Game
Playing the game is simple if you have played X-wing previously. The rules are not as straight forward and are vague in places.  In the main the ship stats are gun heavy with lots of shields and hull points.  Using crew cards is a must and each ship comes with stats for a named ship; for example you get the USS Enterprise NCC1701D and stats for a Galaxy Class ship.  Captains are the same, you get a named character or a generic one.
You need to think about how you are going to pimp your ship more in that you need to pick a captain, additional crew (who do various things from repair shields to disabling enemy cards) and Photon torpedoes (Yes they do not come as Standard) and other tecky stuff.
As said the game plays like X-wing but does not feel like X-wing.

Final Impressions
I am a bit late coming to this game, but it will make a nice addition to the quick games I have for when friends come round.  The quality of the cards and models is of such poor quality compared to X-wing that it feels cheap and nasty.
Some of the images that Wizkids use show nicely painted and detailed models with the correct markings/names where applicable, but that's not what you get.

Additional Ships
I purchased with out thought numerous additional ships, now I regret not do more research.
You get to pick ships from all off the franchises, you can even get a DS9 station. SO you can pit Kirk in the USS Enterprise NCC1701 Vs Picard in the USS Enterprise NCC1701D if you want.

Each ship comes with new crew cards and Tech cards along with any special rules you need for that ship. The nice touch which is what I feel X-wing is lacking is that you get additional themed mission cards with the rules to play that mission, so you can actually match up ships for combat.  The painting on the ships leaves a lot to be desired and is good to messy at best, I am in two minds whether to shade the ships or not, we shall wait and see, time will tell.

For Example:
The trouble with tribbles.
Above is the USS Enterprise NCC1701 and  IKS Groth (Although it should be grey) wich the latter comes with the special rules for Tribbles, This is one of the matched pairs games we are going to play.  Below is my next matched pair which is the USS Enterprise NCC1701A Vs  USS Reliant. Both ships come with character cards from Wrath Of Khan. 

Wrath of Khan matched pairs, showing the lack of detail.
So you can match ships from Star Trek Enterprise, Star Trek the Original Series, Star Trek Next Generations, Deep Space 9 including the alternative universe vessels, and Voyager.  As previously stated there is a DS9 station available and soon a Borg cube....   I am sorely tempted.

Looking at E(Vil)Bay there are numerous vessels available from a monthly subscription and various competitions/events which command silly prices.  Wizkids is renowned for its collectable games and peole are treating this as a collectable game, I have seen some special edition ships going for £60 or more...  I don't think so, who you trying to rob!

All in all I am hooked on another game system, BUT I do not think its as good as a Star Wars Tie Fighter Swarm.

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