Sunday, 8 March 2015

Star Wars X-wing Fleets

Below are my Star Wars X-Wing Fleets. First off all my fleets are only going to include the ships from the first three Original films, thats right Star Wars - A New Hope, Star Wars - Empire Strikes Back, and Star wars - Return of the Jedi.

Why only these films?, easy answer 'caus the others suck.
That is my opinion and that's that.

Back on track. The Rebel (Scum) fleet consists of the rebel aces pack giving me an A-wing and an B-wing.  CR90 corvette, and the Rebel transport along with its X-wing escorts. We also have Han Solos' ship the Millennium Falcon along with 3 Y-Wing (flying tanks), and finally the obligatory X-wings, I had three of these but one met with an accident as in the repair shop, close to being scrapped :( . The observant of you will notice besides the Ace pack B-Wing I do not have any others, this is because I cant get them at the moment, I only want 3 of the buggers and the suppliers are always out of stock...Gr
The Rebel Scum fleet.
 The Imperial Fleet, the pride of the galaxy, unlike that Rebel scum (you can tell which fleet I root for can't you) consists of my Tie fighter swarm, all 6 of them. 3 Tie Interceptors, 2 Ace Tie Interceptors, 2 Tie Bombers, the Lambda Shuttle and Darth Vader's advance Tie fighter.
Only one advance tie I hear you cry, well I can only see one in the films, I am slowly rechecking though.  Now as to Slave 1 I do want one but again like the B-wings my supplier is having difficulty getting me one, and before you shout E(Vil)Bay at me, I am not paying those prices, thieving sod s that they are.

Imperial fleet.

Now obviously my decision limits me to what I can get for my fleets, but then again I am a child of the 70's Where Sci-Films did not need CGI, Now model ships with CGI would work.
Tatooine for now

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