Sunday, 8 March 2015

Star Trek Attack Wing Fleets

As I said at Christmas I caught the Star Trek attack wing bug, I think I am truly on my way to catching up.
Star Trek attack wing collection.
 Now I suddenly realize seeing this picture that my collection is quite small compared to the overall amount of ships available.  The center piece of my fleets is the magnificent DS9, very under-gunned and perhaps like the Borg was Nerf-ed.  My Borg fleet started with a tactical cube which I happily purchased for its going price not the stupid price some people on E(vil)bay is asking for.  Most of my fleets are the normal named ships except for two of them, the keen eyed people amongst you will notice, Boks Marauder and the Klingon B'Moth. Both OP prize ships, both got at reasonable prices.

With DS9 I will have to get the Dominion. I will get Voyager but not the Kazon of Species 8472, I will also not be getting the Vulcan's just yet  My newbie bad purchase of the alternative universe has me at somewhat at a dilema as to whether to use them in the main game or keep those as a seperate universe full stop, we shall wait and see.
Live Long and Play Lots


  1. Jon- May I use this photo in a Star Trek Attack Wing video I'm making? Thanks for your consideration!

    1. Yeah, why not, just send me a link so I can watch the video, Thanks.