Wednesday, 20 January 2016

AK47 Republic

A small 4x3 table set up for the test game.
A few years back I purchased a set of Peter Pigs AK47 Republic reloaded rules and had put together a Syrian/Arab Army from some stuff I had. Since then I have been slowly purchasing the odd unit here and there.  Then I spotted something on E(V)il Bay, a job lot of AK47 vehicles and figures. It had been on for a few weeks slowly dropping price, so I put in an offer, which was then revised and hey presto I ended up with a large parcel arriving on my door step the day before I had to go into hospital for an operation.  Now I have  been off work for just under two weeks and have been sorting through all my stuff.

Even though I had purchased a very large collection I realised I still needed more???  Sure I had enough for the makings of three armies but I could not complete any of them. What I had was a very big army capable of making any type of army.  So some hunting and quick basing gave me two opposing armies to play with.

 The Figures also came with the original AK47 Rule book and I have been looking on-line at a few blog`s and reading a few threads here and there. All came to the conclusion that the AK47 Republic (Original) is far better then the reloaded version of-the rules. So I have been doing some testing.

For the test game I put together two 600 point armies, one was a Religious Movement Army and one was a Dictatorship.

First up is the Religious movement army which came in at around 562 points plus 38 political movement points.
  • Unit 1: 8 Militia Small arms bases plus 2 Militia RPG bases.
  • Unit 2: 8 Militia Small arms bases plus 2 Militia RPG bases.
  • Unit 3: 4 Militia Small Arms bases plus 2 HMG bases and 2 RCL Bases. Along with 2 trucks.
  • Unit 4: 4 Regular Gun Armed Armoured cars
  • Unit 5: 2 HMG armed Militia Technical`s, 1 RCL armed Technical  and 2 AA Gun Trucks.

The Dictatorship came in at 509 points, leaving a healthy 81 points for the political movement chart.
  • Unit 1: 4 Professional Small Arms bases, 1 HMG base, 1 Mortar Base and 2 Trucks.
  • Unit 2: 2 Regular Tanks
  • Unit 3: 2 Regular Gun armed Armoured Cars and 1 Machine Gun armed Armoured Car.
  • Unit 4: 7 Militia Small Arms bases and 1 RPG base.
  • Unit 5: 7 Militia Small Arms bases and 1 RPG base.

The Religious Movement ended up defending and only got 2 of its units on table while the Dictatorship managed to get 3 with 2 being its best units.
So the game started with the Religious nuts getting units 3 and 5 and the Dictator got units 1,2 and 4.
I only managed to carry out three moves and it soon became clear that the Religious nuts were not going to last long. The game mechanics are simple and shooting becomes an annoying dice throwing affair, With the Attacker throwing 2 dice and the defender throwing 1, with a difference of 5 or 6 needed to Pin or kill respectively.   Some units are harder to kill then others and I soon found that the tanks are almost invulnerable to normal fire. I needed the Armoured cars on table as the Technicals were dying fast. Any ways here are a few shots from the test game. I need a live opponent to make a proper go of it.

The table is all laid out and the objectives marked, ready for the deployment.

Militia Technicals bravely take on the tanks.

Militia units defend an objective, one of the townships.

Technicals taking fire.

The Militia in the township about to be squashed by the Dictators troops.

Professional Infantry skulking in a township protected by there tanks.

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