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When I was sorting through Stephens stuff, I came across some roads, which I decided was going to be added to my collection.  I then remembered something, some of the paper work that Stephen had,  mentioned Fat Frank and Ebay.

So off I went searching Ebay, and lo and behold I found him.

Fat Frank is a terrain manufacturer who sells through ebay, not only does he do assorted roads and rivers, he also manufacturers several walls and hedges and other useful bits.

I was mainly interested in the 6/10mm roads and 15mm desert roads as these are what I got off Stephen. So several lots were purchased. He sells them in  different sets consisting of 4 pieces of straights or kinked road sections and he also does junction packs. Not only does he do 6/10mm scale roads he also does 15mm and 28mm sections plus rivers and streams.

4 different sets of 6/10mm roads.

15mm desert roads and junctions.

Several sets of the 6/10mm scale in use.

Franks roads in use in a 1/300 Modern game.
The roads are made of thin strips of what I assume are plasticised rubber, gritted and painted edged in flock. The desert roads have a rubble edge to them.  I love them and now I have more than enough for my needs.

The only almost insignificant criticism I have of his production techniques is that the road colour differs batch to batch. Obviously I do not know when Stephen purchased his, but the new batch that I have received are slightly a different colour. The dry brushing is a lot heavier on the newer ones then the ones Stephen got. So my advice is that if you buy some of his roads is to buy all that you need in one go. After all they are quite reasonably priced.

I have also just noticed he does tarmac road sections as well, looks like I will be buying more off Fat Franks stuff.
Top is the old batch and bottom is the new.
Just me nit picking but the older roads are slightly darker than the newer ones. The pictures do not really show the difference but you can tell, and I will be making sure that road sections are all the same batch or I may end up  with a stripy road.
Top is the new batch and bottom is the old.
You can find Fat Frank on Ebay here: Fat Franks Ebay Store

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