Saturday, 21 July 2012

15mm Armour up-date


Purchased some more mini's in the form of Plastic Soldier's Panthers and M4A4's.

First up
Is the M4A4 as a Firefly next to a Battle Fronts Firefly.
The Plastic Soldier's tank (Right) are over complicated for what they are designed for, with too many build processes. Although you do get a awful lot of options.  I started painting the tracks separately and then adding them to the running gear then finally adding the completed track and wheel assembly to the hull.

I found the Plastic Soldier company tanks very highly detailed as seen above compared to the Battle front model (left), Although battle front do have a speedier build time, I rather spend a little bit longer building the plastic model and compared to BF prices saving over 50% on the costs. This Firefly is destined to become part of my Panzer IV kompany as a capture vehicle.

Next up is the Panther.

I bought these to use in an upcoming game as I don't posses any late war Panthers. The kit can build either a model A, D or as I opted for G. On the sprue you get two complete hulls, but only one set of running gear and one turret so there is a lot off waste on the sprue.
This photo does not do the paint job too much justice as it has picked out the highlights. The models still needs its final weathering. The hull is made up of two side pieces, a main top piece, A bottom and a separate rear piece., The turret is made up of 4 pieces not counting the gun.
Battle Fronts Jagd Panther next to the Plastic Soldiers Panther G.

I purchased these from my Dads shop, who also does a on-line shop.

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