Sunday, 1 July 2012

FOW v3 first game

Hi all
After a few months of idleness Dennis decided it was time I was introduced to FOW v3.
1750 pts Mid War Africa.
Surreptitiously pushed into using my Brits, I used my Faithful Tunisian rifle company supported by Churchill's and ended up facing a Panzer company.

I arrived to find that Dennis had unusually set the table up and it was not as open as he normally likes it (Alarm bells should have stated ringing).

We ended up with a attack/defence game with me defending. I set up leaving one objective exposed and 17/25's defending the other flank.

Dennis introduced me to the new smoke rules and this basically screwed up my game needing 6's to hit anything.

Under the cover of smoke the German Armoured cars attack my HQ and despite the Churchill's kill everything in range....Grrrr
Churchill's holding the line but only just. With 3 PAk 40's closing in they were not going to last long.

View from the German Flank attack. 4x 25 pdrs and 4x 6 pdrs failed to stop the German Panzers.

General View of the British lines and the cursed smoke which caused mayhem for the entire game.

The Germans advance on the British Left flank supported by towed Pak 40's and infantry. The German Infantry was bounced but the Pak 40's claimed a Churchill. Two turns later and a second Churchill died with the third running away. Four 6pds sprung from ambush, shooting at 4 panzer's at point blank range and hit two, which failed their armour saves and promptly failed the Fire Power role, this basically was the way it went for every damn hit.
Slowly the German armour was being destroyed but the British reserves were too slow to arrive. With the Churchill's gone and the German Recce gone, the game was ended with the Germans contesting the objective and a draw.

I now need a lot more play time to asses the new rules. Smoke...Grrrr, Assaults...Grrrr

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