Sunday, 22 July 2012

Little Men v2

This is the updated list of my little men from my origional post last year

What are the little men.

The following are the scales and armies of the little men and their fighting status.

1/3000 Ships, WW2 navies from Russia, France, Germany, America and Great Britain. (General Quarters)
Current Status: Ready, but Inactive

1/300 Tanks: WW2 land armies from Russia, Great Britain, America and Germany. (Command Decision)
Current Status: SOLD
1/300 Tanks: Modern Land armies from America, Great Britain, NATO and the Soviet Union. (Challenger 2)
Current Status: On Hold, Surplus Sold
15mm Ancients: Land armies of the Marian Roman Empire. (6th edition WRG)
Current Status: ready, inactive, awaiting disposal.

15mm Zulu War: British and Zulu armies. ( Principles of War)
Current Status: Ongoing, Ready, but Inactive.

15mm WW2: Land Armies from America, Great Britain and the Empire, Russia, Poland, France and Germany. (FOW)
Current Status: Constant on-going, Ready, Active.

28mm Ancients: Imperial Roman Army (WAB)
Current Status: SOLD

28mm WW1: Early War French (Warhammer Historical)
Current Status: Ready, Inactive: Awaiting Disposal

Warhammer: Orks
Current Status: On-going, Inactive.
40k Warhammer: Grey Knights.
Current Status: On-going, Re-organizing, Inactive

Space Ships: (Silent Sky's)
Current Status: Inactive
Dystopian Wars: Britania and American
Current Status: On-going, Ready, Active.

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