Monday, 19 August 2013

Battlegroup Kursk Game overview

In response to a question by a forum user as to how do I like Battlegroup Kursk/Overlord, I gave a slightly longer and candid overview of the game, to which I though I would post my reply on here also.

I did a test game  and TBH, I found it brutal. But I was playing with 150 points in 15mm on a 4x4 table with the ranges as they are.

My initial views are that it is more of a morale based game, You need good old fashion tactics as your infantry are vulnerable. You need terrain and not the open fields that FOW encourages.

I got both books now. I like the army lists and the fact that artillery is off table. Your army selection dictates how many and what support you take. No stupid fancy special rules or upgrading stuff like BF.

I can see that the bigger the game the better for command and troop selection (Someone suggested 1000 points, That my friend is a lot of stuff). Tank on tank is  a shock the first time you take a hit, and your tank dies. Too many glancing hits will make you take morale tests which in turn means your tank could run away.

Get too many troops pinned and you are in trouble, unless you have lots of Force points you do not want to be taking Morale chits.

The Overlord book is a bit fluff heavy and could have included the rules as well. I got the book with the A5 rule supplement. But I have now also the Kursk one. Okay you are still looking at £65 worth of books for two different theatres, but they contain the special rules (Not that many) and the Army lists for both sides.

You have to keep track of ammo for your guns etc. but initially we are not going to do that until we know how to play the rules.

The only thing I find wrong or a bit Grrr is the lack of rules on how to set a game up in general over then the few scenarios in each book and missions. But I may be missing those bits, I need to re-read the rules again.

I got my books at trade. 'cause my Dad has a shop, hence why I got both books. I would have needed to see, feel and play the game before I purchased the books at RRP, Its a lot of money for a new game system that you may not like. For FOW, my friend lent me his V1 copy. Wish I never went to v2 let alone v3...Grrrr, Hence the reason for trying out Battlegroup. 

The fact you do not need to bastardise your FOW armies is a bonus. You may need to buy a few things. like separate MG teams, but in the main you can use your FOW armies with little modifications.

Hope that helps


  1. Set up rules for normal games are in the generic scenarios matey.

    1. Ok, Thanks, As I said I need to re-read it and I may have over looked that part, But I shall persist.