Thursday, 15 August 2013

Battlegroup Kursk test game

Having had the rules for a while, I have not been able to test the rules, but last night I did with a little help from the usual suspect.
I put together two 150 point armies and headed over for a few hours tinkering.
1 Infantry platoon, 1 panzer IVG = 150 points 14 Br
1 Forward HQ, 1 Infantry platoon, 1 T34-76, 1 Matilda 2 = 148 points 14 Br

The table was 4x4 feet and had a church in the middle with identical terrain both sides.

turn 1: saw the Germans only able to move 4 units forwards, whilst the Russians Ura, Ura'd forward towards the church and the T34 unable to move, with the Matilda taking up position hull down on the hill.

turn 2: The Panzer IV moved forward and took a pot shot at the Matilda, missing. The Germans took up positions so that they could Fire the MG's in support. The Russians Ura, Ura moved towards the church and the Matilda returned fire, causing a glancing hit to which the Panzer IV passed its morale. The T34 went on Reserve move orders.

Turn 3:  A German squad move towards the church whilst the rest of the platoon took covering positions. The PzIV fired at the Matilda missing, then attempted to pin one of the Russian Sections near the church, missing, the T34 then used its reserve move to double time it to the side of the church. The Russians Infantry then entered the church taking the objective causing the Germans to take a Morale Chit (4). The T34 then opened fire on the Panzer IV, Destroying it, Another Chit (3) and pinned the Infantry that were in the open.
The T34 destroys the PzIV in a sneaky move and is in prime position to take on the infantry.

Turn 4: The Germans Returned fire as best as they could,firing suppressive fire at the 2 squads in the Church, pinning one causing a casualty to which the Russian squad failed its morale test and fled the field. The Russians take a chit and get a Above the Call of Duty chit, which is played on the T34 who passes and guns down the Infantry in the open (Chit time (2)) and then fires upon another squad pinning them. The Russians then get max orders and the tank then sweeps the infantry with machine gun fire. Pinning one squad and then wiping out the gun squad (Chit time again (5)) and with taht the Germans quit the field...Grrrrr

The Rampaging T34 wins the game.
We had used Inches for all the movement and ranges and feel that we should have been using CM's, but this was a test game and boy was it brutal.
I didn't expect the T34 to come sweeping around the church like that and one hit on my poor tank and it was bye bye's for it.

Oh well back to reading the rules for the next game.

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