Monday, 26 August 2013

Blast from the past - Hero Quest

Whilst sorting out a cupboard in the shed I came across my edition of "Hero Quest". I decided to double check the box contents, with the decision that if it was not complete that I would ditch it, well blow me it was complete.
so Tonight it was "Hero Quest" time...

Hero Quest, Doughnuts and Beer, what else do you want.

As it was a nice evening we decided to play out side. So after a quick read through of the rules we got on with the game and as the light faded out came the candles.
The First game was called the "Maze" to which the Barbarian decided it was a good idea to attack the Wizard, killing the Wizard in  one mighty swing of the sword. Had the Wizard know that this was about to happen I am sure he would have used the sleep spell on the Barbarian. Well the barbarian is not known for his brains was mighty confused by the dead ends and corridors and took him a while to realise he could search for hidden doors. Upon escaping this mighty warrior was given 100 gold peices and with this purchased a shield.
The "Maze"
As the sun finally set, the eerie light cast by the candles added a new dimension to the game giving a real gloomy dungeon feel to the board. In the second game the Barbarian along with a new wizard tried to rescue Lord Ragnar who was being held captive. In a stoke of genius the Barbarian and Wizard almost went straight to Ragnar's cell. The Barbarian led the way slaying an Goblin before coming across a couple of Orcs. He promptly despatched one of the Orc's but the second one was more of a challenge not only fending off two attacks but wounding the Barbarian as well. The Wizard decided to intervene and attacked the Orc from behind. The Orc managed to defend its self from this attack then swung round and killed the Wizard out right with its mace, seconds later the Barbarian killed the Orc but there was nothing he could do for the Wizard. Searching the room for a secret door, he found the entrance to Ragnar's cell which was protected by a Fimir. Downing a potion which allowed two attacks the Barbarian charged the Fimir and caused not a single wound from both attacks. The Firmir managed to cause three more wounds on the Barbarian before it was overcome.
Dungeon masters area lit by candle light.

With Ragnar released the alarm was raised and the rest of the dungeon guards moved to stop the Barbarian and Ragnar from making their final escape. The Barbarian tried to use a doorway as a choke point but only succeed in getting smighted by a lowly Goblin.
Our mighty hero about to find out he isn't that mighty after all.
Great fun was had by all and we can't wait to play more in the future. So I had better start making up dungeon plans.

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