Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hott army -20mm US update

Been a bit busy in the shed between the  bought's of dizziness.

US Army - Hott Rules
So the Army is at the standard above, Not 100% happy with the infantry I may yet redo them as the camouflage does not do them justice, I may yet redo them in plain green.
The Big thing top left is my M48 Bridge layer acting as the Strong hold, but may yet become another Dragon or Behemoth.

So I my 24 AP will buy me 5 Shooters, 1 Hero, 1 Behemoth and another Behemoth or a Dragon. But at 48 points they all come into play with a few points to spare. I can either add another artillery piece (I have a spare M109 which needs a barrel. Add some snipers as Lurkers or get a couple of Apache helicopters and act as Flyers??

Need to try the army out first. But for now here are some more shots of the M48 Bridge layer.

Oh and I still need to work out what to do with the bases.

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