Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hott Army No.2 - Modern US

whilst laying in bed due to an illness I had an epiphany over an Hott army. I had seen on some ones blog that they had fought against an Vietnam army with the blue guy from Watchman as their Hero (?)
Well I decided to do an modern army with some old figures and models I have had for 20 years in storage.

Below is the result awaiting repainting and the bases finished:

The army so far consists of the following:
1 Hero
1 Magician (Tow Launcher)
1 Artillery (M109)
6 Shooters or Warbands (Infantry)
3 Riders or Beasts (M113 APC)
2 Knights or Behemoths (Sheridans)
2 Behemoths or Dragons (M1 Tanks)
so that's 42 AP

Just remembered I had a m60 bridge layer, may be that's my strong hold.

I want to get it up to 48 AP. I was thinking of 2 flyers (Apache's) and 2 Lurkers (Snipers) should finish it off.

You thoughts and comments are welcome.

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