Sunday, 18 May 2014

Chain of Command

Before my friend arrived back from the USA he hinted I should get my hands on a copy of Chain of Command by the Two Fat Lardies.

I duly did this and started to read through the rules. My first impression was that they were complicated but I carried on reading them and found that they sounded quite good.

SO when my friend came round one evening we played my first game.
US 1944  Infantry Platoon Vs German 1944 Infantry platoon.

My friend had the US and purchased an extra jeep for hit 1point of support, I got a Medic and a Adjutant as I had 2 points of support to use.
Table looking from the German side.
The table was quickly set up by my friend who also discovered my boxes of bocage. We then carried out the scout phase and soon the markers were locked down, this actually did not leave me with as much cover as I first thought. and my jump off points were close together.
 My First Squad: It deployed forward of its jump off point confident that the hedge line would protect it, This transpired not to be the case and a deploying American squad managed to eliminate the Mg team. This was the beginning of the end for the whole section as the Shock started to mount.
 My second section moved up to the wood covered hill only to find that the US had the initiative, My friend repeatedly threw double 6's which meant it gave him another turn immediately after he finished his current..... This went on and on, I think he got three turns in a row and regularly got two turns, This meant I was effectively a sitting duck.
 The view from the American side, the squad at the bottom of the picture was being held back because I had a section advancing along the other side of the rail embankment.
 Casualties started to mount and the return fire was ineffective, There was not much that I could do for this Section as the Americans had around on average 3 command turns to my 1. I couldn't reduce the shock quick enough.
 My Left section by the hill fared even worse, they managed to loose of 14 shots at the advancing Americans, but only managed 2 hits causing 1 shock, It was an amazing bad throw of the dice,it went something like  5, 6, 4, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 needing 5+ to hit.  Well the Americans then went hand to hand and even though I had superior dice they still threw low resulting in the German section being wiped out leaving 1 man alive, whilst the American squad lost 3 men.
 Finally my first section succumbed to the Americans advancing fire and were wiped out to a man leaving a wounded Senior Officer to hold the jump off point.
 My third section that was moving along the far side of the rail embankment tried in vain to take the heat of the first section, It tried to crest the embankment but rolled a 1 for movement the first turn it tried and when it did get there it only caused 2 points of shock to the American squad who was sitting in the OPEN!!!!

The return fire was devastating, my whole section was wiped out in one go.. and with that my Platoon was no more.

I was Out maneuvered, Out gunned and Out Command diced.....  Roll on the next game

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