Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sheffield Triples day trip

Sheffield Tipples was held over the weekend of 17th/18th of May and I trundled up by train then tram to the Institute of Sports. This was the first time attending this event for me at this location, the last event I went to in Sheffield was in the early 1990's when I think it was in the old crucible centre with an adjoining university.

The event was well attended and looked busy, the trade stands were spread over two halls and there was a plethora of demonstration and participation games.

I didn't spend as much time there as I liked as I started to feel unwell so cut my visit a little short. I enjoyed looking at some of the games and was especially interested in the Cowboy and Indian wars games. The 1/35th scale WW2 game was awesome and there were several games with beautifully painted figures.

I spoke to several of the traders about new releases and I informed Hawk games that I hated them for bringing out such a good game that I had to buy it. Although one manufacturer I was purchasing some figures of got narky with me when I informed him that a sculpt was incorrect, but that conversation is for a later post.

I made purchases from 3 separate stands and could have purchased more but I restrained my self, It was an effort NOT to spend money. My foray to the Bring and Buy left me feeling a little like I just visited some ones trade stand, as the amount of 40k stuff on offer was horrendously overwhelming. It looked more like several traders had not wanted to pay for a stall and treated the bring and buy as their private stall. There were no bargains to speak off and it looked like people were keeping their money in their wallets.

Compared to the events of the 1990's, although wargaming on a whole has moved on and the models on offer nowadays are of such high quality, along with the choices of MDF terrain, there were several traders missing and it felt the choices available by the traders were limited, maybe a sign of the times or the Internet is really having such an impact, either way I hope to visit again next year and hopefully in full health.

I suppose I better shut up and show you the pictures of the games.

Either Napolionic or Franco Prussian war - 6mm
6mm either Napoleonic or Franco Prussian war.

Samurai Vs Imperial Japanese  -15mm
Samurai Vs Imperial Japanese.. I think.
 15mm French Agincourt, Traders display
These are 15mm..!!!!! I love them.

Awesome 15mm painted Agincourt French.
 Steam Punk or In her majesties name - 28mm
Steam Punk?

 Weird civil war thingy in 25mm
Don't know, but guess some weird inter war thing??
 Ancients  - 25mm

Sudan - 25mm

Warhammer 40k

 Steam punk weapon

Indian Wars - Black Powder - 28mm

20mm Modern

I think I first saw these hills in the late 1990's

Sci-fi game, all 3D printer made models - 1/200th?

Command and conquer!!!!

Command and Conquer Tesla tank and a BMP 3?
 15mm (?) 3d printed models

Cowboys - Dead Mans Hand - 28mm

7 year war I think -28mm

Indian Wars - Tomahawks and Muskets - 28mm

 World War Two Brits Vs Germans - 28mm

World War Two Germans Vs Russians. Stalingrad? - 1/35th!!

World War Two Desert raid.

Hawk Games, Drop Zone Commander display tables, These were awesome.

20mm Modern
This game has a real retro look to it. Dapol (Ex-Airfix) railway buildings, telegraph poles and  HO train kits reminds me of gaming in the late 1980's and early 1990's. There was not much terrain wise you could get back then.
1980's Lima train

Dapol buildings!!!!

Wings of Glory World War 2

Wings of Glory WW1
HOW MANY PLANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

World War 2 invasion game??

Cowboys - 28mm
These guys were using UNO cards and a deck of normal playing cards. The Uno deck was I think to determine who went when and the playing cards were acting as the dice for shooting.

Don't know whats going on here?

Samurai 28mm
The figures and terrain in this game were beautiful done.

Dystopian wars
this reminds me, I need to have a game soon.

Thanks For looking

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