Monday, 5 May 2014

40k 1500 point Imperial Guard Vs Grey Knights

My Friend from the States came back to Blighty late last month and we got round to playing a 40k game.

Seeing as I have not played in a long time and have forgotten half of the rules, the game.. lets just say... was an eyeopener.

This was the Imperial Guard
Imperial Guard deployed for battle.
And this is some of the Grey knights
GK left flank, the incinerators are being used as Psylencers.

GK canon fodder about to become target practice.

GK dreadnought lurking behind a building.
Well it was a blood bath, mainly Grey Knights blood and although the game ended in a draw I am sure the Imperial guard would have won in one more turn.

My two squads guarding the GK right flank suddenly found that the hill they were hiding behind did not offer too much cover and tried to advance to get at the tanks but ended up dying to a hail of Battle cannon death.
GK terminators slowly being terminated.

My dreadnought pictured above hiding behind a building did little until the last turn where it claimed two tanks. My Terminators decided to March rather than die and managed to contact the tanks in front only to have them pull back. The following turn they charged the tanks again.
Captain Carrot Ifoundason and the last terminator amongst the IG ranks.

 With my Captain and the surviving terminator now in bitter hand to tank fighting, the game ended. The IG left flanked looked a bit worse for wear but only faced off against 2 surviving Grey Knights. As the game was a variable turn game I was lucky it ended when it did.
IG Left flank with two out of three tanks destroyed.
GK graveyard, the game was costly for the knights.

Captain Carrot Ifoundason facing up to a mighty Leman rus.
 I learnt a lot from the game and I am sure my friend let me off a few times, He could have just steam rollered me, but I think he feared my nemesis force weapons more then they are actually effective. The game cost me dearly, out of 2 dreadnoughts, 1 captain, 5 terminators and 30 knights I had 9 knights, my captain and a terminator left, My dreadnoughts both had a HP took off and one was immobilised.

A few shots of my friends IG armour before it goes on its merry way to fight in Australia.


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