Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Drop Zone Commander and gaming update

Try as I may I can not get any real gaming done, other than a little test run games of DBA due to the large amount of armies I have acquired, games played have been Dead Mans hand or X-Wing.

Well I decided to speed things up a little and decided to paint my Drop Zone Commander Armies and went in search for them, to my surprise I could not find them and a nagging feeling crept over me....

I am embarrassed to say that I seemed to remember a fateful day when I was asked about some boxes in the corner, and I said bin them, Unfortunately, my friend failed to inform me that they had things in them. And I think one of the boxes contained my two armies for DZC...ARGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!

Oh well "Hey Ho, Pip and Dandy" as they say. I decided that I had invested too much in this project to let it go that easy, so onto E(Vil)bay I went. The replacement armies would set me back £31 each and then I would have to build and paint them, I Then found two armies  pre built and pre painted and after making an offer on one, I also secured a second army for its start price.
700 point SCOURGE Army
My first purchase was this SCOURGE army with an extra Desolator unit, it also came with the army specific card set. I am a bit gutted in one sense as I found another army for a similar price but more units after I had purchased this one.  Although the army is painted I intend to enhance the painting a little further.

1000 point PHR Army
All the way from Holland I won this nice little PHR army, which comes in around 1000 points, again I got the army specific cards with this, Although they are nicely painted I will try to define some of the detail better. Not too sure about the round bases but I like the way he has done them. The seller also has a SCOURGE army that needs a little TLC, I may get that as well but it will not tie in with what I have unless I repaint one of the armies.

Taking into account costs I think I got these quite cheaply.
RRP are
2x starter armies £31.00 each
2x Amry specific cards £5.00 each
1x PHR Zeus command Walker pack £12.00
2x PHR Athena air superiority fighters £10.00 each
1x SCOURGE Desolator £17.50
Total RRP of my replacement armies £121.50. And I paid £76.66 plus postage for the two armies and they are painted, So considering I would have purchased extra units direct from Hawk Games , I think I did quite well on the loss of my two original unpainted armies. SO it is a "Pip and Dandy" moment on the upside :)

See you on the flip side

Jon :)

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