Sunday, 9 November 2014

HoTT Zulu Army

Now I am slowly waking up and having a fewer less dizzy days I am getting the DBA/HoTT Bug again.
I decided today to create my Zulu army for HoTT. After downloading some HoTE (Hordes of things Empires) rules which are a modified version of HoTT. Looking through the Army lists I took inspiration from the Zulu list and got to work basing my Old spare minifig Zulu figures.

Using up all the figures I had except 3 damaged ones I got the following army.
HoTT Zulu's
  • 1 Magician General (Well they did like their Magical powers which were mainly drug induced)
  • 10 Warbands            (Married Regiments)
  • 6 Hordes                  (Unmarried/Young men Regiments)
  • 3 Shooters               (Stolen Rifles from the British)
  • 1 Lurker                  (Scouting parties/ambush)
  • 1 Blade                    (Elite/Tribal leaders Regiment)
  • 2 Beasts or Sneakers (represents the use of cattle to sneak up on or there use as Decoys)
The Strong hold will be a Stockaded village.

Next will be the British but I do not have many spare figures for these as all mine are part of my Principles of war army. So I may have to buy some figures. For the British Strong hold I plan to use a wagon lager.

I also have plans afoot for Boxer rebellion armies.
Jon :)

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