Friday, 21 November 2014

Firestorm Planetfall - Opening the box.

Firestorm Planetfall -  Opening the box.

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 Arriving in the post a few days ago for my perusal was Spartan games newest offering, Firestorm - Planetfall, Battle for Proteus Prime. Upon opening it I was very impressed in the fact that the box was completely full. Inside the box you get two opposing forces comprising of an infantry unit, heavy tank, medium tank and light units. Each model is beautifully sculptured and the castings are clean. You also get a cardboard and clear perspex set of buildings, two decks of gaming cards,a set of dice, templates, a Main rule book and a campaign rule book.
Having a quick look at the miniatures I was impressed with the quality and sculpting, The down side was that the lead figures have a lot of flash. At this point I realized I have a few missing parts so need to contact Spartan.

Taking a brief look through the rules it becomes apparent that there is an element of Dystopian Legions with the different coloured dice, causing different Exploding dice results. The rules are nicely laid out with numerous pictures of the models that look great and are inspiring as usual.

Assembling the buildings was guess work and slightly dangerous. A set of instructions at this point would have helped. The buildings consists clear perspex frame covered in coloured cardboard outer. It was at this point when pressing out the perspex frames from there sprues several small pieces similar to a grain of sand flew from the sprue into my eye. SO be careful, But it did not mater what way I pressed the parts out several small pieces flew off in different directions.

I will go in to the miniatures another time when I start to assemble the forces.

Contents of box.

Bubble-wrapped miniatures.

Rule books and cards.

Buildings and bunkers.

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