Sunday, 12 April 2015

Simple gaming

I find as I get older, that I have less inclination to sit down and read what seem like pages and pages of complicated rules.
To be honest I struggle to read even the Star wars and Star trek rules in one sitting and they are about ten pages, now give me a Terry Pratchett book and I can not put the bugger down.

In my shed I have quite a few 1/300 modern fighters to which I am looking for a simple set of rules for a complicated period.  Now looking on the internet has produced several sets available, one I purchased of ebay, is on the surface quite good but a read through had me wondering whether it was worth playing.

I need a set of rules that will be able to be learnt with in the first couples of moves by all.  I am not very good at explaining things and it tires me greatly when I have to explain every damn move to people.

Check Your Six Jet Age has come to my attention, but several factors are holding me back from purchasing them.   Having watched a few you tube vids on the rules I am quite interested as they look good to play, but; getting hold of the damn rules is becoming troublesome, it seems the few UK dealers on the net that profess to selling them have no stocks. Couple this with the high cost of the rules and its supplements all available in the States with hefty postage costs, makes me wonder if this is a rule set too far.

Only one copy is available on ebay, much to my surprise, either this is a good sign or a bad one, I am not too sure on that, but gain it was at a high cost followed by £15 postage... Hmm

Now some posts on forums say about a PDF version, can I find the thing, No!  So it has got me thinking, would I be able to make a set of rules that is roughly 2 or 4 sides of an A4 and that is fun to play. Certainly the idea of  X-wing movement system and cards would lend them selves to form the basis of a good game.  The problem arises that most air combat games need a hex based cloth or are card based for movement.  X-wing way of moving always feels like a swirling dog fight of old, now if only I can find  a way to utilize this to, Hmm just had a light bulb time.


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