Sunday, 26 April 2015

Falklands Argentinian 105mm Guns

Falklands -  15mm Argentinian 105mm Guns

I decided to get to grips with some of the Argentine troops I had and decided to quickly do the 105mm guns I got form MJ Figures.

These guns depict the famed Italian OTO Melara Mod 56/14 Pack Howitzer, an air portable 105mm gun, used throughout several NATO countries during the 1980's.  In deed even the British used the same weapon until the 70's where the 105mm L118 was introduced.

I had two 105mm guns from MJ figures in my collection and decided to do one with the gun shield and one without.  The crew come depicted wearing woolly hats (?), why the sculptor choose that particular head wear I do not know.  They are very simple to assemble and are shown below awaiting their bases to be finished, Not too sure how I am going to finish the bases off yet, hopeful I will make my mind up soon.

Thanks for looking


  1. Just found your Blog as I was searching for Challenger II content on web. Glad your still into moderns. I really like your Falklands miniatures. (can't believe that it was over 30 years ago).

  2. Hi Neil
    I have a load off Challenger 2 books still, Glad you like my stuff, I was getting a bit worried that no one could post comments..LOL
    I am in the middle of sorting out a friends collection which I will post on line soon, But watch this Blogg...

  3. Cool. Just getting into Falklands gaming in 15mm. Great guns.