Thursday, 4 February 2016

15mm Saxony Army of 1812 Part 1

After a recent conversation with a friend in regards to Napoleonic rules, Laselle was recommended.

So 2016 is time I dusted of my 15mm Saxon Army and debased and tarted her up to be finally finished. I was first given a Saxon starter army around 28 years ago. By the late 1990's my VII Saxon corps of Napoleons Grande Armee of 1812 was almost completed. It then went into storage.

With the purchase of the pdf version of Laselle, I am going to undertake a re-basing and sprucing up of my Corps. SO today I dug out my Saxons to see what I was missing.

My army consists or should consists of the following units:

VII Corps under commander of General 'Reynier'
Bulk of my Saxon Army

21st Division under command of Generallieutenant 'Elder von Lecoq'

1st Brigade: Generalmajor 'Von Steindel'
Grenadier Battalion 'Von Liebenau'
Infantry Regiment 'Prinz Friedrich' - 2 Battalions + 4pdr Regimental Guns
Infantry Regiment 'Prince Friedrich' - 2 Battalions + 4pdr Regimental Guns

2nd Brigade: Generalmajor 'von Nostitz'
Infantry Regiment 'Prince Anton' - 2 Battalions + 4pdr Regimental Guns
1st Light Infantry Regiment - 2 Battalions
4th Foot artillery battery - 6pdrs and Howitzers
The Infantry

22nd Division under command of Generallieutenant 'von Gutschmidt'

1st Brigade: Generalmajor 'von Kleugel'
Grenadier Battalion 'von Brause'
Infantry Regiment 'Konig' - 2 Battalions + 4pdr Regimental Guns
Infantry Regiment 'von Niesemauschel' - 2 Battalions + 4pdr Regimental Guns

2nd Brigade: Generalmajor 'von  Sahr'
Grenadier Battalion 'von Anger'
Grenadier Battalion 'von Spiegel'
2nd Light Infantry Regiment - 2 Battalions
3rd Foot Artillery Battery - 6pdrs + Howitzers
The Cavalry and some skirmish infantry
Light Cavalry

23rd Light Cavalry Brigade under command of Generalmajor 'von Gablenz'
'Prinz Clemens' Uhlans - 4 Squadrons
'von Polenz' Chevauxlegers - 4 Squadrons
Hussars - 5 Squadrons
Although not part of the Division you got to have the Kurssiers

Heavy Cavalry Brigade under command of Generallieutenant 'von Thielmann'
Garde du Corps - 4 Squadrons
Kurassier-Regiment 'von Zastrow' - 4 Squadrons
'Prinz Albrecht' Chevauxlegers - 4 Squadrons
2nd Horse Artillery Battery - 6pdrs + Howitzers

Corps Artillery Reserve
1st Horse Artillery Battery
1st Foot Artillery Battery
2nd Foot Artillery Battery
all 6 pdrs + Howitzers

Some of the Artillery
What is also missing from the list I have above (I cant find my other book) are the 12pdr Batteries of which I also have two off.
The bulk of my Cavalry
So that's my Napoleonic army, let the re-basing commence

Well that was it but then I found this information:

August 1812

Print depicts a defiant-looking man with shoulder-length hair and a cleft chin. He wears a blue French military coat of the 1790s.
Jean Reynier
General of Division Jean Reynier (15,008 infantry in 18 battalions, 2,186 cavalry in 16 squadrons)
  • Artillery: 50 guns
  • 21st Division (Saxon): General-Leutnant von Lecoq
    • 1st Brigade: General-Major von Steindel
      • Liebenau Grenadier Battalion (one battalion)
      • Prinz Friedrich Infantry Regiment (two battalions)
      • Prinz Clemens Infantry Regiment (two battalions)
    • 2nd Brigade: General-Major von Nostitz
      • Prinz Anton Infantry Regiment (two battalions)
      • 1st Light Infantry Regiment (two battalions)
    • Cavalry Brigade: General-Major von Gablenz
      • Prinz Clemens Uhlan Regiment (four squadrons)
      • Polenz Chevau-léger Regiment (four squadrons)
  • 22nd Division (Saxon): General-Leutnant von Funck
    • 2nd Brigade: General-Major von Sahr
      • Anger Grenadier Battalion (one battalion)
      • Spiegel Grenadier Battalion (one battalion)
      • 2nd Light Infantry Regiment (two battalions)
    • 1st(?) Brigade: General-Major von Klengel
      • König Infantry Regiment (two battalions)
      • Niesemeuschel Infantry Regiment (one and a half battalions)
  • 32nd Division (French): General of Division Pierre François Joseph Durutte[8]
    • 35th Line Infantry Regiment (2 battalions)
    • 131st Line Infantry Regiment (3 battalions)
    • 132nd Line Infantry Regiment (3 battalions)
    • 133rd Line Infantry Regiment (1 battalion)
    • Belle-Isle Infantry Regiment (3 battalions)
    • Würzburg Infantry Regiment (3 battalions)

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