Saturday, 6 February 2016

1812 Saxon Army Part 2 - update

Well I have been busy the last day or so and have already agreed in my head to re-base everything within my Saxon army to Lasalle for 1812. Originally my army was based for use with the Newbury rules and then In the Grand Manor. Whilst both rules had there merits and the later was quite fun to play. They still were missing something. I have tried Black powder and it did not click, and I found that they seemed to be written in a way, by people who knew the rules, but then had no ability to write them clearly in a way that new comers, could and would easily understand them. They also lacked any type of Army list or points system.
A lot of people hate point systems or army lists but I find that they give a balanced game otherwise it becomes a lead arms race.
I have also tried Principles of War and quite like the game system, which I use for my Zulus. It makes an interesting game. Having re-based a portion of my army for these rules, my current re-basing will ultimately bring those units into line with the new basing.

The progress so far:

I have re-based two battalions off infantry, 1 Regiment off Cavalry, plus two Artillery Batteries.

Old bases on left, new bases on right.

Old battalion basing on left, a re-based battalion the right

So you have to agree that the new bases look 100% better and do actually look nicer than they do in the pictures. I have ordered a large quantity of the 40x30mm bases as I only had a few in stock.  Once the re-basing program has finished I will then undertake a sprucing up of the figures them selves. Using army builders system to shade them and to neaten up some of the details. These figures have a lot of paint on them.
I have also to repaint all the cannons as new research shows that they were painted in an almost black grey and not the light grey I have them at the moment.

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