Saturday, 27 February 2016

Lasalle - Armies so far

Lasalle is the first set of rules that I have ever read that I cant wait to play a game. But with Steve's stuff still clogging up the works, I will have to wait a little longer.

But what Laselle this far has done is made me resurrect my Saxon Army form my Teens and also dig out my fathers Russian horde. So a lot of re-basing has gone on and in some cases just a revamp of the bases was required.

There is also another complication I have just agreed to buy someone's Napoleonic collection for metal price. Oops.

I will end up with the following armies to use with Laselle. British, French, Russian, Prussian, Austrian and Saxon, along with a plethora of minor states.

So up to now I have a Saxon army (an unofficial list off the Honor Web site) and a Russian one, although I need to re-base some of the Russian cavalry units for use with Laselle.

Saxon 1812 Army

My Saxon VII Corps is almost complete. I still need 3 more Light Infantry Battalions. But in Lasalle I can not field the whole Corps. I can either field my Saxons as Allied Brigade for the French or use the list from the web site.

Saxon Brigade (Back 3 battalions are only used if attacker)

I intend to use my Saxons as stand alone army as I have always have done. So under Lasalle, my armies core Brigade would consist of:
4 Line Battalions
2 Grenadiers Battalions
1 Jager Battalion
1 Medium Artillery Battery

with the following for use when attacking:
2 Line Battalions
1 Grenadier Battalion

If attacking this gives almost a Division worth of Saxons.

As most games I will play will only have one support available I will mainly use a Cavalry Brigade, which consists off:

1 Cuirassier Regiment (+)
2 Light Cavalry Regiments
1 Horse Artillery Battery

Cavalry Brigade (Cuirassiers still need their bases updated)
Although the Cavalry Brigade should not have the Cuirassiers in as these were farmed out to another French Corps, the author of the army list deemed fit to include them.

Russian 1812 Army

The Russians are still a work in progress and are still in need of re-basing.  Up to now all I have ready is the Core Brigade.

Russian Brigade (Artillery Batteries are two guns each missing)
 The Russian Brigade consists of:
6 Line Battalions
1 Medium Battery
1 Positional Heavy Battery

Russian Artillery battery at full strength showing how wide it will be compared to the two infantry Battalions behind.
The Russian Batteries are five guns strong each, and in my main picture I am only showing them as three guns each as I have run out of bases for now.
I have not yet re-based the Cavalry brigade, and I am undecided between a Light Brigade or a Cuirassier Brigade.

More to come.

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