Sunday, 4 December 2011

Dystopian wars Arrived

Yes my Dystopian wars has arrived. The two fleets are sitting now painted and awaiting a victim to play it with.

The Rule Book

Hmmm.... The rule book looks nice and is full of fluff on the fictional history variety, not backed up with many illustrations and the few illustrations there are look dark and too grity for my taste. Sarted reading the rules after watching several you tube vids and found it harder to read than most rule sets.

The book in its self is very badly laid out, with the index being almost next to useless. With important rules mentioned out of context or in-passing it is almost as bad as FOW to find the rule you need. Instead of logicaly putting the rules in order and in the relevant section you will find the obscure references in a totaly unrelated section.

The rule book smacks of the person who wrote it knows the rules inside and out and actualy forgot that someone else who reads them may not know the rules, so he has written them as he remembers.

Rules I struggled to and still can't; to find: Comodore special rerolls. Break test - What effect it has if failed (Its not actualy in the Break Section but the one before), Obscured flying models firing, small target modifiers, and many more.

FSA Starter set ships
Britonian fleet
The starter sets on the other hand are briliant. With little time needed in cleaning up the resin and with a wash they quickly paint up. Two fleets painted in 5 nights, thats not bad.

My first two fleets were the ones featured in the Triple Helix You tube vid, Britonia and the FSA.
The Britonia ships are very like there World War one counter parts and are easy to paint but realy lack anything cool. The FSA are al paddlers and are very nice when painted up and look very cool. The Britonians are actualy quite week compared to the other nations. They have very poor gunnery values but make up for it with torpedoes, The FSA on the other hand have deverstaing firepower but low critical hit points. So you need to hit them fast before they do the damage and you are unable o hurt them.

The Prussians and Japanese look cool with their flying machines and flying aircraft carriers. These are future purchases.

Two big ships fight it out

Still I have to sort these damn rules out into some sort of order, wheres me high lighters.

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