Saturday, 24 December 2011

Sand dunes at night - the Ambush

Some where in the desert night, the wind blew sand across an empty road, in the distance through the wind can be heard the roar of truck engines.
An Italian re-supply convoy moves slowly down the road with the escorting soldiers tired and sleepy being bounced around in their drafty vehicles.
The Drivers fighting tiredness look across enviously at there sleeping partners, wishing that the change over point would come soon so that they could take a turn at sleeping.
The lead trucks headlights pick out little in the blowing sand, beyond the circles of light, shadows loom and disappear, It was going to be a long drive.

Earlierthat day:

God morning Chaps.
Your mission today is to destroy an important supply convoy that is taking supplies to beleaguered troops.
With out these supplies the Italians will not be able to withstand our attacks much longer. If these supplies get through we will be unable to push him back and it will cost us dearly in lives.

Gentlemen, This convoy must be destroyed at all costs.

By mid afternoon the men had fueled up and equipped their vehicles. The LRDG trucks started their engines and slowly moved of into the desert gavering speed over the hard sand. They had to be at the road before midnight and it was going to be a long drive. 
At 11pm a patrol veers off and heads at top speed into the desert night, its mission to delay any possible reserves.
The other two patrols find the road and the newly founded SAS patrol dismounted and headed across the road to catch the convoy in a cross fire.  Engines off they wait and it is not long before they see the lights and hear the sounds of distant engines, the convoy is coming....

Driving the lead truck is Mario. Cursing the blowing sand he peers through the gloom of the night, the lights of the truck are not helping much, ahead on the road he sees some dark shapes, then again he seen many dark shapes loom and disappear, suddenly his lights make out the shape of trucks and Mario slams on the brakes..too late. The flickering light of the machine guns illuminate the LRDG trucks and suddenly as his truck burst into flames, Mario falls into a long un-waking sleep.

In the dark of the night the LRDG wait for the convoy.
Awoken from their slumber the sleepy Italian soldiers quickly jump from their trucks into a fusillade of shots from the LRDG trucks. The convoy and its escort are shown no mercy and is quickly wiped out.

The convoy is quicly surrounded and the slaughter begins.
With the convoy destroyed the SAS remount and the trucks head of into the gloom of the desert night.
Suddenly lights appear in front of the trucks, the LRDG gunners waste no time and open fire. A few Italians fall,  but the rest dived for what little cover the desert offers and returned fire.
Tracers suddenly appear out of the night to the right of the patrol and they realise that they are caught in a cross fire between two platoons of Italian infantry.

The LRDG have no choice but to try and drive through the troops to their front but the fire is too intense, truck after truck bursts into flames.
The lead Patrol is destroyed, the Commander and his second try in vain to force a path but too are destroyed.
The second patrol takes cover in an oasis. On hearing engines close by they hope that the last patrol had returned but looked on in horror as a Armoured car platoon descends upon them all guns blazing.

Luigi gunned the Armoured cars' engine and drove straight at the Oasis, his commander giving him directions through his head set.
It had been a good evening, they had earlier surprised the Interdiction Patrol destroying it before it could signal what had happened.
The trap had been sprung. Infantry converged quickly on the area and blocked these marauders escape route.
Yes it had cost them the convoy but it was worth it to destroy a full LRDG patrol. They had been plaguing the Italian rear areas for such a long time wreaking havoc... NOW it was pay back.

Luigi brought his Armoured car to a stop and saw, as the cannon on his vehicle opened fire the LRDG trucks burst into flames. As the occupants jumped to safety they were met with a hail of bullets.  They were shown the same mercy they had shown the convoy.

The End, Italian Armoured Cars finish off the LRDG.

It only took a few moments for the LRDG to be destroyed, the night sky lit by the fires from the blazing trucks. 
SAS member Andy had jumped from his truck right at the last moment and he landed behind some shrubs near to the oasis. Near by he heard a groan and peered out to see his Friend Tim laying not far away, he reached out and dragged him into the shrubs.
The Italians moved in on the trucks, inspecting their handy work.  Andy dragged Tim away from the scene further into the gloom of the night, behind a dune, Andy quickly peered over to make sure he had not been seen then swiftly threw Tim over his shoulders and as fast as he could made his way further into the desert away from the carnage.
Andy saw the faint light of dawn and knew he had to find shelter, it was going to be a long walk back, but he vowed that one day the Italians would pay.

After Game thoughts:

I used too many points for this mission. Which allowed the Italians to muster a strong force. The Italian Infantry had too many heavy weapons for me to defeat.
The armoured cars coming on was the clincher.
The interdiction raid was useless and a waste of points, I repeatedly failed to stop any reserves and having to throw the Interdiction dice regardless of if the reserves arrived or not hurt for latter.
Remember for every 100 I spend the defending player gains an additional 100.
Fighting at night did not really help me, it slowed me down greatly and the fact I was fighting all the way meant that I was observed by every one and they were long range firing with HMG's and 47mm's before I could retaliate.
Picking up the SAS patrol cost me time, so maybe next time I don't use them.
Shoot for 1 turn then leg it may be the way forward.

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