Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dystopian Wars Game 2

2nd outing for the Dystopian wars last night. 2 complete novices being umpired by me (The blind leading the Blind).

British Vs American as Dennis had not painted his up yet. It was a slow game with several rule look ups and quite a surprising few rounds of fire especially Turn 1.

Dennis used the Brits whilst another friend David used the Yankees. Dave's' Cruisers opened fire onto Dennis cruisers and well, er...

First Salvo from 2 main turrets linked together resulted in a critical hit on the first cruiser. Then the rockets linked fired at the third cruiser suffering another critical hit (we forgot that you can link AA fire from other vessels in the squadron but that would have only added 1 dice and I do not think it would have changed the out come). So Dave threw for the first critical.... then we went onto the Rockets which caused the critical on the third and he threw for that.

Two magazines hits in the same round of firing..Ouch!
Yes Dave threw double 1 twice. So in one round of firing Dave took out two cruisers which didn't even get to move let alone fire..Ouch.
And that was turn
Another mad moment for Dennis was when the his Battleship was hit with a whopping 20 hits, all this from, if I remembered correctly, A 6AD
Ok do we have enough armour to stop that lot?

This meant that the ship took 2 critical hits which I think was a Hard pounding and a Fusion Leak. Lucky ship. The game only went to turn 3 before we called time. Once we are all up to speed on the rules I anticipate that the game will flow a lot quicker. Next time It may be my turn and hopefully  Dennis will have painted his Prussians or Japs by then.

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