Sunday, 25 December 2011

Dystopian Wars the Beginning - FSA VS Prussians

The sea swelled gently against the hull of the FSA Paddle Steamer Lexington, as the Battleship moved steadily through the water with the waves crashing gently over the bow.
Wind blew sea spray against the windows of the bridge.

"Bring her to course 260"
"Eye eye Captain"
The Bow swung to the new direction, the rest of the battle fleet following.

"Ships off our port bow, Captain!" shouts a cold and damp look out.
"What are they?, are they  ours?"
As the captain peered through his telescope at the distant grey shapes, Bright flashes burst from the ships.

The sound of  screaming wind followed by a loud splash and a whoosh, close to the ship columns of water bust sky wards. Seconds later a thunderous noise was heard on the wind.

"Prussians!" Cursed the captain.. "Battle Stations!, lets show these buggers what were made off"

Dystopian wars, starter set, ships only: Prussia Vs FSA

With a few islands scattered we deployed our ships. I used a heavy screen of Frigates and the cruisers on my right and a squadron of frigates and my Battle ship on the left.
Dennis deployed his big boys all on his left flank with a screen of frigates across the table.

The Frigates closed quickly and we saw mutual destruction. The Prussians closed very quickly and straddled the FSA frigates using both bow guns and stern Tesla's to good effect. Slowly they Prussian frigates were sunk but at a high cost.

A surviving frigate takes on the FSA Battle ship
The FSA cruisers try to use the island as protection but the Prussians are faster and swiftly round the Island. The ensuing battle between the cruisers is a bloody affair.
Prussian Frigates about to surprise the FSA with there turn of speed.
The FSA cruisers about turn to face the Prussians head on. The resulting exchange of fire results in one of the Prussians disappearing in a Sturmagen Flare. The Prussians then fired back and the lead FSA cruiser also disappeared into the void. We were left wondering if with just wondered into the Dystopians wars version of the Bermuda triangle, two criticals, two double 6's, we waited for the third.
FSA cruisers loose one of there number before about their about turn.
The final tally is all the FSA cruisers sunk or disappeared, whilst the Prussians are left with one surviving ship. But not for long. The guns of the FSA Battleship fires sending the last Prussian cruiser to hell with a critical roll of double 1's leaving nothing but raining shrapnel as the ship explodes into little pieces.

The battle continued between the two Battleships. The FSA battleship starts to take a pounding and the Prussian battleship continues to close. The sole surviving FSA frigate moves away around an island knowing that is is now too far and out gunned to aid its big brother.

With a turn of speed the Prussian battleship crosses the bow of the FSA Battleship, with all guns blazing the my Battleship takes a pounding.
Prussians close for the kill
This sneaky manoeuvre leaves the FSA battleship with a problem. Do I call and all stop, but I still have to move 2" or do I try to turn. The result is either way a collision and my Battleship turns into the Prussian ship causing 1 hit. The Prussian ship must be made of stronger metal (Causes a critical hit + 2HP) as it rips the bow of the FSA battleship ploughing her under leaving behind in her wake little signs of the Big ship ever existing.
Oops! FSA Battleship is in trouble.

After action comments:
The Prussian fleet is quick and the Tesla coils are devastatingly good. Next time I need to hold them off at arms length.
Dystopian wars is a dice thirsty game and just ship on ship leaves something missing from the game.
Once we start introducing additional squadrons and air power it should hopefully get more interesting.
At the moment it is a case of wipe out the frigates, then the cruisers to leave Battle ship on Battleship.

Merry Christmas

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