Sunday, 1 September 2013

Zombicide test game 2

My Second game of Zombicide saw me use the same starter level but this time I drew Josh and Doug.
They received a Pistol and a Crowbar respectively.  Josh started by searching the room he was in and found a sawn off Shotgun. Before moving to another room. Doug found a Fire Axe. The Zombies shambled onwards towards our Actors.
Josh looking for revenge as Doug lies dead.
Next turn Josh Found a Pan, whilst Doug found a Machete. The Zombies closed slowly in. Eventually Josh found another shotgun and then traded them with Doug for the Fire Axe. They despatched the lurking Zombie and headed towards the safe house. Unfortunately for Josh and Doug the next fire fight did not go too well and with Zombies appearing from the sewers. Josh took two swipes with his Machete killing one Zombie, so he moved back one square to allow Doug to use his firepower against the Zombies that were left.  Doug must have panicked as he managed to miss two of the Zombies that then decided to munch on him... Grrr, Arrr...BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh stands his ground.

Josh could do nothing but look on in horror. Josh darts past the Zombies towards the safe house and manages to get past the Zombies in the hall way into an empty room.

He turns to face down the shambling Zombies following him., bang, bang, bang...two Zombies fall. Others shamble towards him, but in the distance a new faster shambling sound is heard and Josh looks on as several Zombies run at a him.

Josh House clearing.
Erm ...HELP!
Josh cornered.
 Josh makes a bad decision and continues to face down the Zombies. Eventually the room he is is starting to feel a little crowded and these Running Zombies are literally running him down. He decides to make some room between him and the Zombies and dashes out into the street. He manages to kill 2 more before they soon start to corner him once more.

 Josh's Slippery skill is comming in very handy along with his +1 Action for the Zombies he killed when he got to his Yellow zone which also triggered the Runners. He decides to make a break for it and once again Reaches the room with the objective in. With the runners hot on his heals Josh decides to shoot a few more Zombies but only manages to kill a Shambler, so decides with his last action to activate the Objective which ends the game...PHEW!
Runners Closing in and no where to go.
Doug: 5 Zombies killed and DEAD!
Josh: 13 Zombies Killed and escapes.
Zombies: 1 Actor Killed and 18 DEAD!

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