Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Shed up-date or New man cave!!!!

A new phrase going around for me....Man cave!!!
As it has taken me two days to tidy my shed ready for a horde off people to arrive, I realised that I had not updated you on how my shed revamp went.

Last time you heard anything it looked like this:
Amazing how much crap you can keep in a shed.
Shed as it was, with the carpet going down.
 this was the weekend I emptied the shed and destroyed the old table that had been constructed in 2005 and rebuilt two times since.

So now we have a pile off wood for our chimera.. lol
Well I emptied the shed, put down some carpet a friend gave me. And I designed and had built a new table. Which was a little slow in coming as to keep the costs down.

Well the table arrived last year and I forgot to take some pictures and it sort of slipped my mind with one thing and another. So seeing as I now have a tidy shed, I thought that I would introduce you to the table.
My New table with under table storage and sliding doors to hide all the crap.

The shed ready for tonight's game.

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