Saturday, 7 September 2013

AK 47 arrives on the scene...

Peter Pigs AK47, has been creeping up on me for quite a few years, I keep looking at it and going Hmm....

So after a small post by some unmentionable on the WWPD forum I decided with a little spare cash to purchase a set of the rules.

Well they arrived Yesterday and look what happened this afternoon...

Army up to now.
Well at first I had a quick read through it and was like , Okay where's the damn army list's.

I found the Army lists and started to create a new African puppet state army. Which turned out to be named "The Army Of The Peoples Marxist Campaign Party" from the African state of "Noone".

General "Iamin Agroove" went to the shed and pulled out of storage some of Peter Pigs African irregulars and found to his distate that he only had about enough to do 6 bases worth of infantry. Hmm...

Carriers and Armoured Car
As I sat there looking at my pitiful band my eyes settled upon a pile of unopened QRF modern 15mm figures. I had originaly purchased all these figures years ago with the idea of doing roleplay skirmish games for Twilight 2000. Well that did not happen and last year I painted up the Russian vehicles that I had purchased, just to get something else painted.

After taking stock of what I had, I looked through he lists again and came up with a Syrian Army list. I looked at my packs of figures and they said Syrian Infantry on them. Well you can imagine my surprise and a hour later I had based them all ready to be painted.

I am now just waiting for the bases to dry before I undercoat them and then paint them. And this is what I got so far.

General plus Body Guard
2 units with 8 Rifle bases and 1 RPG base each.
1 Tank
1 Armoured Car
2 Armoured Transport with HMG
1 Armoured Transport with Tank Gun.
1 Towed AA with Tow
4 technicals (presently Unarmed)

this means I need some more stuff, Shopping spree will commence pay day,  I need MORE Armour, Towed Artllery, Milita units and Helicopters...

Technicals awaiting Militia crews and GUNS!

but not realy...

Peter Pig AK 47 range:

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