Monday, 30 September 2013

Dead Man's hand and the Old Wild West

Some time back I posted same pictures of some Wild West figures that a friend gave me.  Now he told me that I could do what ever I wanted with them, but me being slightly sentimental decided to keep them...
I have this image of him evilly sniggering at this point. After downloading several free rules and trying them out, I found them irritatingly bad. So a few weeks ago, a little retail therapy was needed after a crud day at work. Whilst browsing E(vil)bay I came across Dead Man's hand, after quickly reading through a few rule reviews, my mind was made up and I purchased a set. And that was turn 1 of the proverbial screw in the coffin.
The game arrived and I had a quick test play and a few days later a friend came round, and a nights gaming took place.
Well the following day I ended back on the internet in the hunt for buildings, and came across pre cut MDf  ones. Whilst looking into it a bit further, I came across a range of pre painted ones and thought hey presto, and now look what my friend ultimately did to me...

Dead man's Hand is very simple set of rules. It uses a D20 and a D10 system to simulate the shooting and each character gets three actions; and it is completely random as to who gets to do what first.
The Rule book is flimsy and a set will set you back around £20, but you get a little set of gaming cards with it, which is allocated to each side. 3 or 4 players will need more cards which you can only get with the rules. The cards come in a nice little clear plastic case which I thought was a nice touch.
Along with the rules I also purchased a set of MDF laser cut/printed markers, which I must say for the cost are very reasonable.
Rule book with cards (top left) and laser cut tokens (Left)
 Having used CD cases as buildings for the test game, I took the decision to look for some buildings. Whilst Battle Flag produce some real nice real-estate at nice prices to match, they do not contain interior walls and are unpainted. I came across a range from  4-Ground which was ready painted and contained additional interior walls. Although a few pounds more than Battle Flag; it would be worth the time saved by not having to paint them.

I have purchased about 60% of the range and have since purchased some more of the range (Fences, wagons and out buildings). 
Below are the contents of one of the packs.

So now I will be having some fun building them, so watch this space...

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