Sunday, 23 March 2014

Call to Muster 2014

Sometimes my hobbies collide in a happy way. As part of one of my other hobbies I travelled up to Middlesbrough to call in at the "Call To Muster 2014" Wargames show to check on a couple of friends.

The Event was a small one, held in a small sports hall. The traders populated the fringes of the hall with demo games and model displays in he centre.  I enjoyed the event despite its small size and below are some pictures from it.

Cowboys shoot it out in a town called "Serenity"

Pegasus Bridge  a Bolt Action game.


WW2 Rapid Fire, using Bolt Action activation rules.

Napoleonic HOTT games but with Orcs and Zombies.

Cowboys participation games..

WW2 Blitzkrieg commander game

There were several Living history groups in attendance
1980's Forces 80 display

Model displays

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